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Software Update - June 2023

✓ Major Update:

- The Q&A feature can now filter questions (Moderation).

- Multiple users can be moderators simultaneously.

- Questions appear directly in a PowerPoint Slide, using the free DialogLoop Engage Add-in available in the Microsoft Store.

- Beautiful animated Backgrounds can be used to display the Audience's questions

- Questions can be "Liked", and are ranking automatically on the PowerPoint Slide.

✓ Other New Features:

- Add a new question type: WebSurvey

- Possibility to transform a single-question poll into a multi-question survey/quiz

- Polls Title is now auto-generated if not specified by the owner.

- NPS and Likert Polls now have a Chart visualization.

- Add several preset fields to the Form question type.

✓ Bugs correction:

- Ease the drag and drop/Sorting of questions in the Quiz and Survey windows

- Charts now accept multi-lines labels.

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