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Poll-me here!

Ask = Engage

Presenting transfers knowledge, polling connects people.

Take the time to ask, answer and debate, using

visually Engaging Activities.

Pick the right question type in a Click!

✓ Easy access to questions/activities.

✓ A simple user interface to create Rich Visual Polls.

✓ These are SINGLE questions (not surveys).
✓ Each question = One chart = One slide or web page.

✓ Import/insert a question you or a colleague have created or saved from another session.

This Module contains the Word Cloud question Type.

Multi Single Polls v2 -CUT_265px.png
Online Poll-Monument Quiz-MASTER-v20231010.png

Rich Visual Polls make the Audience hold!

✓ Questions can contain an online Video, an image or a link to an online file (.pdf, .docx, .xlsx...).
✓ The question's appearance can be customized like in a simple text editor.
✓ Add images (jpg, png, gif) to each answer.

Unveil the correct answer on the Slide!

✓ The Control Bar gives access to a dedicated layer to reveal the answer.
✓ Displaying the result is optional.

✓ You do it at your own pace.

✓ It is also compatible with multi-correct answers and muti-question quizzes.

Quiz unvails the correct response-1.png
Quiz unvails the correct response-2.png

Note: This interactive visual effect is for demo only, and is not available in the app.

MSO Controls - TICK icon.png
Video Poll Engage.png

A video poll is worth 1000 clicks!

✓ Choose a Poll type: Open question, Single-answer, Multi-answer, Quiz...

✓ Insert a web video link, and make it the core of your question.

✓ Customized the question's appearance like in a text editor.

✓ Design the input form using a logo, colors, and a background...

Ready for Cheat-free Quizzes.

Poll with 'Sunset in Houlgate' background image.png

Easily design a pretty form!

✓ Add a nice background image.
Add a Header or a Footer logo... or none!

✓ Use fade and transparency to smooth out the form.

Save the design to reuse it.

Preview and explain the question in PowerPoint

✓ No need to create a dedicated slide for the question.
✓ Hide the Chart till all answers are received.

✓ Reveal the Chart your way, at your pace.

✓ Action Weblinks directly from this Question Slide from within PowerPoint!

Sunset Quiz in PPT.png
MSO Controls - QUESTION icon.png

Rate with Stars, or else!

✓ Define the number of evaluation points.
Allocate a different emoji to each point

✓ Replace the traditional stars with hearts, suns, currency signs, and more...

✓ Get a calculated rate result, with a breakdown chart, rendered on a beautiful animated background, straight inside your PowerPoint slide!

20231207 Star Rating Output 400x241.jpg


Get the answers sorted!

✓ Ask the audience to SORT/RANK answers.

The chart reshuffles as the answers come in.


✓ The highest-ranked answers get a Medal.

Sort Question 420x236.png
Export Poll UI.png

Export, Import, Reuse!

✓ Collaborate and share Polls with colleagues.

✓ Every Poll can be exported individually, and imported into another session.

Display a custom Thank You Message after the poll!

✓ Attendees see the message on their devices.

✓ Each poll can have a specific Message.

✓ The message can be a text, an image, a video, or even a link to the Survey results!

Thank you Message.png

Easy, Easy, Easy!

1. Create a Free Account

Online Poll-Monument Quiz-MASTER-v20231010.png

4. Fill in the content

Features Switch-Engage-Jan2024.png

7. Turn ON/OFF Features


10. Preview and test your interactive site.


13. Copy/Paste the "Presenter Code" link in the Add-in text field. 


16. Share the Session URL, or make them scan the QR Code.


2. Create an Event Welcome Page

Customize Output appearance-LR.png

5. Customize the activity appearances for attendees device and for your Presentation Slide.


8. Set the login type

DialogLoop Engage Viewer.png

11. In the Microsoft Store in PowerPoint, search for the "DialogLoop Engage" Add-in.


14. Select the activity to display.


17. Motivate the attendees to interact


3. Pick an activity

Icone PLAY.png

6. Start the Activity


9. Set a Password (Optional)


12. Insert the Add-In into a slide.

Engage AddIn ScreenShot + Background 2023.png

15. Use the Control Bar to set your preferred view and start the activity.


18. Export collected data in CSV, or XLS formats.


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