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Solving the Q&A Issue

Q&A - Seamless+Live Loop.png

See Questions flying into your PowerPoint Slides!

✓ Insert one or several Q&A pages in your PowerPoint Slide deck, at different moments of your presentation.

✓ Turn ON the Q&A Feature

✓ Motivate the Audience to Ask.

✓ Questions magically appear on the slide!

✓ Questions are dynamically sorted per relevance (number of "Likes").

Set Multi-moderators on the Watch

Turn Moderation ON to manage the Audience's input.

✓ Filter the questions from the DialogLoop Engage Web interface from your computer or your phone.

✓ Add more moderators by sharing a simple link.

✓ They all filter questions simultaneously, in the same session, even if the Event owner is not connected.

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Moderation-Bucket UI.png
Animated Background Thumbnails.jpg

Select a Rich Animated Background for your Q&A Slide in PowerPoint

Easy to implement

Q&A Moderation-Process-Small.png

Easy to use Q&A - Tutorial

Manage Attendees

Manage attendees


✓ See who is in the room.

✓ Remove all attendees from the room if needed.

✓ Define how attendees should log in.

✓ Monitor if attendees are connected or offline.

✓ Display Live Attendee List on a PowerPoint slide.

✓ If Attendees are Anonymous, their names and photos will not appear.

Attendees Pane.png
Symbolic QR Code

Get them engaged before, during & after.


✓ Each session/event has its own URL and QR Code

✓ Use your URL to post polls and activities before the meeting to gather audience input to fuel your storytelling.

✓ Create a post-meeting evaluation form to maintain the link with your Audience, and measure the event's success.

✓ The Session's content stays online as long as you want.

Anonymous by Nature, Flexible by Necessity.


✓ The Organizer defines if attendees are anonymous, or need to log in using an email or a Social Media account.
✓ Activities and Answers from Anonymous Attendees cannot be
traced back, even by DialogLoop's team.

Dialogloop Engage Attendee Login Settings

All data are private.

Share the session's Link with your Audience and interact with them.

✓ The interaction data with the Audience is independent of your Video Conferencing Software.

✓ DialogLoop does not share, pass on, or monetize data or attendee activity for any marketing, advertising, or revenue stream.

Easy, Easy, Easy!

1. Create a Free Account

4. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.


2. Create an Event Welcome Page

DialogLoop Engage Viewer.png

5. In the Microsoft Store in PowerPoint, search for the "DialogLoop Engage" Add-in.

Features Switch-Engage.png

3. Turn ON the Q&A Activity


6. Insert the Add-In into a slide.


7. Copy/Paste the "Presenter Code" link in the Add-in text field. 

Features Switch-Engage.png

10. In DialogLoop Engage, change the background.


8. Select the Q&A activity to display.

Features Switch-Engage.png

11. Turn ON Moderation



9. Use the Control Barre to hide/show the QR Code for attendees to login.


16. Share the Session URL, or make them scan the QR Code.

inner_flow-88506 single.gif

17. Motivate the attendees to ask questions


18. Export collected data in CSV, or XLS formats.

DialogLoop Engage Tutorials


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