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Bring your Live Q&A Session to the next level

Run Live Digital Q&A Session.

Moderate the content.
Make the Audience participate openly like never before.

Pick from three Modules to customize your Live Q&A

Q&A Basics-v3 -CUT_265px.png
Live Q&A
Q&A Moderation-v3 -CUT_265px.png
Moderation for Live Q&A
Q&A Manage-v3 -CUT_265px.png
Tools for Live Q&A

Live Q&A Module

Q&A Basics-v3 -CUT_265px.png
Q&A - Seamless+Live Loop v2.jpg

See Questions flying into your PowerPoint Slides!

✓ Insert as many Live Q&A slides in your PowerPoint presentation as you like.

✓ Turn ON the Q&A Feature and motivate the audience to ask.

✓ Questions magically appear on the slide!

✓ Questions are dynamically sorted per relevance (number of "Likes").

Tune the Attendees User Experience

Q&A Settings UI-900x467.jpg
Animated Background Thumbnails.jpg

Select a Beautiful Still or Animated Background

Appears in PowerPoint, a Web page, an iFrame, or a live Streaming software (OBS Studio...).

✓ Change it LIVE, to refresh a long multi-Q&A session-based Event.

Q&A Settings UI-Presentation View-681 × 547.png

Manage How Questions Appear on the Screen

✓ Define the number of questions appearing at a time. If you allow attendees to up-vote questions, display a maximum of 5 questions simultaneously.

✓ Filter the questions your way...

✓ Or, project ONE question at a time.
✓ Adjust the settings live during the event if needed.

Projector video crop.gif

Highlight a specific question on the big screen... in one click!

Moderation for Live Q&A Module

Q&A Moderation-v3 -CUT_265px.png

Review questions before they are published.

Turn Moderation ON to manage the Audience's questions.

✓ Review the filtered Questions on your computer or smartphone.

✓ Approve, Ban, Highlight, or Archive the questions.

✓ Approved questions appear on attendees' mobile devices, and in the PowerPoint Slide according to the chosen settings.

inner_flow-88506 single_edited.png
Moderation Bucket User Interface
Moderation Bucket User Interface
Moderation Bucket User Interface
Moderation Bucket User Interface

Assign Multiple moderators

Large audience = Many questions = Multi Moderators.

✓ DialogLoop Engage provides you with a simple link (URL) to share with Moderators, to give them the right to approve, reject, star, or ban questions.

✓ All moderators filter questions simultaneously, even if the Event owner is not connected.

Profanity Database UI.png

Auto filter Bad Words

Simultaneous Multilingual Filters.
Remove or *** Words.

Authorise some banned Words from the Preset Dictionary.

✓ Add a Custom Bad Words list.

Easy to implement

Q&A Moderation-Process v2-975x572.jpg

Management Tools for Live Q&A

Q&A Manage-v3 -CUT_265px.png
Categories-Topics UI.png

Define Topics to Frame the Audience's Questions

Topics appear on the attendee screen.
✓ Attendees choose the topic and post the question.

Questions are placed in the related bucket. Ready to be managed by the moderator(s).

Preset the Presenter's names to channel the Audience's Questions

Names appear on the attendee screen.
✓ Attendees choose the Presenter's name they want to ask the question to and post it.

Questions are automatically grouped by name. Ready to be managed by the moderator(s).

Q&A Topics Preview on iPhone.png

Easy to use Q&A - Tutorial

Discover more DialogLoop activities for your Event

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