DialogLoop Engage
A Customizable Online Audience Engagement Toolbox for Presenters

Solve Zoom-fatigue, Meeting-boredom, and Low Attendance.


✓ Make your team participate actively.

✓ Stimulate interaction instead of passive attendance.


All data are private.

Share a DialogLoop Link with your audience and interact with them.

✓ The interaction data with the Audience is independent of your Video Conferencing Software.

✓ DialogLoop does not share, pass on, monetize data nor attendee activity for any kind of marketing, advertising, or revenue stream.

Get them engaged before, during & after.


✓ Use your URL to post polls before the meeting to gather some Audience input to fuel your storytelling.

✓ Create a post-meeting evaluation form to maintain the link and measure the meeting's success.

Features Swich-Engage 440x290.png

Customize each session.

✓ All features come as standard.
✓ You switch ON/OFF what you need, before, during, or even after the session if you keep it online.
✓ When OFF, all related data are kept on your Management page but are not visible to attendees.


Word Cloud!

✓ Auto Filter-out bad words.

✓ Group alike words to ease the understanding.

✓ Quantify the meeting success afterward.


Multiple Question-Types are available in a Click!

✓ Easy access to create questions.
✓ A simple User Interface to create Rich Visual Polls.

Rich Visual Polls make the Audience hold!

✓ Add images to each answer
✓ Questions can contain an online Video, an image or a link to an online file (.pdf, .docx, .xlsx...).

✓ The question's appearance can be customized like in a text editor.

Online Poll-Monument Quiz.png

Ready for Cheat-free Quizzes.

Anonymous by Nature, Flexible by Necessity.


✓ The Organizer defines if participants are anonymous, or need to log in using email or Social Media.
✓ Anonymous questions cannot be traced back.

✓ The activity of Anonymous cannot be tracked.


Easy, Easy, Easy!

1. Open a Free Account


4. Set a Password (optional)

Features Swich-Engage 440x290.png

2. Turn On Features


5. Share the Session URL

Online Poll-Monument Quiz.png

3. Create Polls


6. Interact