DialogLoop Engage
Seamless Audience Engagement Toolkit for your Video Calls

Solve Zoom-fatigue, Meeting-boredom, and Low Attendance.


✓ Make your team participate actively.

✓ Stimulate interaction instead of passive attendance.

✓ Run Activities: Word Cloud, Rich Polls, Quizz, Q&A...


Customize each session on the fly.

✓ All features come as standard.
✓ You switch ON/OFF what you need, before, during, or even after the session if you keep it online.
✓ When OFF, all related data are kept on your Management page but are not visible to attendees.

✓ Even the Welcome Page is optional. Attendees can get to the Activity page, without a hurdle.

Set your own Event Welcome page in a few clicks!

✓ Customize the Header to set the scene.

✓ Set the Owner's image: Company/School logo, Presenter photo, Event's main topic... You name it!

✓ Add a text, customize it as you wish.

✓ Add one or several images.

✓ Save, Preview, Amend: You are all set!


Pick the right question type in a Click!

✓ Easy access to create questions/activities.
✓ A simple User Interface to create Rich Visual Polls.

✓ Insert a question you have created and saved from another session.


Word Cloud!

✓ Gather insights in a dynamic and fun way!

✓ Get the audience engaged and interested.

✓ Quantify the meeting success afterward.

✓ Powered by a Profanity Filter available in 12 languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Spanish, Portuguese.


Run Engagement Activities seamlessly in PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote !

✓ Insert the DialogLoop Engage Add-In for PowerPoint from the Microsoft Store.
✓ Paste the Presenter Code on the Text Field in the Add-In window

✓ Choose the Activity to Display on the Slide.

Rich Visual Polls make the Audience hold!

✓ Add images (jpg, png, gif) to each answer.
✓ Questions can contain an online Video, an image or a link to an online file (.pdf, .docx, .xlsx...).

✓ The question's appearance can be customized like in a text editor.

Online Poll-Monument Quiz.png

Ready for Cheat-free Quizzes.

Get them engaged before, during & after.


✓ Use your URL to post polls and activities before the meeting to gather some Audience input to fuel your storytelling.

✓ Create a post-meeting evaluation form to maintain the link and measure the meeting's success.


Anonymous by Nature, Flexible by Necessity.


✓ The Organizer defines if participants are anonymous, or need to log in using email or Social Media.
✓ Anonymous questions cannot be traced back.

✓ The activity of Anonymous cannot be tracked.

All data are private.

Share a DialogLoop Link with your audience and interact with them.

✓ The interaction data with the Audience is independent of your Video Conferencing Software.

✓ DialogLoop does not share, pass on, monetize data nor attendee activity for any kind of marketing, advertising, or revenue stream.


Easy, Easy, Easy!

1. Open a Free Account


4. Turn ON/OFF Features


7. Preview and test your interactive site.


10. Copy/Paste the "Presenter Code" link in the Add-in text field. 


13. Share the Session URL


2. Create an Event Welcome Page


5. Set the login type

DialogLoop Engage Viewer.png

8. In the Microsoft Store in PowerPoint, search for the "DialogLoop Engage" Add-in.


11. Select the activity to display.


14. Motivate the attendees to interact


3. Create Activities


6. Set a Password (Optional)


9. Insert the Add-In into a slide.


12. Use the Control Barre to adjust the Activity output.


15. Check the Report