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First steps to share with DialogLoop PowerShare



1/ Close Microsoft PowerPoint.

2/ Install the DialogLoop PowerShare AddIn.

3/ Open PowerPoint: the DialogLoop Tab appears in PowerPoint Ribbon.


4/ We recommend logging in at this time, but it can be done later: Click on the Login icon.

5/ Complete the login process: choose your preferred country and currency (it is important if you want to buy events later).

6/ Close the window once the process is done.

Start Sharing

7/ You can now customize your presentation: add Polls, Surveys, Word Cloud, Questions Slide, Resources to share, Personal Profile, Password, DRM (sharing) Settings…

8/ or, you can click on Start Sharing immediately.

9/ A URL is created for you: it is yours and the audience will use it to participate. It starts with https://dialog.live/...

Test your URL

10/ Input that URL in a web browser, or scan the QR code with a free Reader or the Photo app (on iPhone since iOS 11, 2017).

11/ The link opens a login page, identical to the one in PowerPoint.

12/ Use the same login credentials to simplify the process.

13/ Once logged in, the DialogLoop web app appears. It may show the presenter profile you defined in PowerPoint. Close it and the first slide appears on the screen.

Start your SlideShow

14/ In PowerPoint, start the Slideshow and go to the next slide as usual. The slide changes on your PC and appears instantly on your phone. You are LIVE!

15/ You can now take the poll, try the Live Q&A, share slides on social media, access attendees' profiles, private chat, take notes on each slide, download the shared slides as a PDF file...

16/ At the end of the presentation, you have 2 choices:

  • "Stop and Delete" ALL that is online, and push out the participants. They will not be able to reconnect and interact until you share it again.

  • "Disconnect" from the online session to keep all participants online and engaged. You will be asked to save again the PPT. When you reopen it, you can reconnect to the session, and continue the sharing.


What are the Technical Requirements to use DialogLoop™ PowerShare?

- Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or newer running on Microsoft Windows operating system. - DialogLoop™ PowerShare works perfectly on an Apple Mac running Windows on a virtual machine (with BootCamp, Parallels Desktop, Vmware, or any other).
- Processing live content requires some basic internet connectivity. DialogLoop standard configuration limits data transfers to a minimum.
- Information is stored in DialogLoop™ servers running on Amazon AWS. Our technical department is constantly upgrading and updating our servers to ensure maximum performance, scalability, and security.
- DialogLoop™ PowerShare does not require a downloaded app on the attendee's device. Attendees connect to a WebApp on either Android or iOS smartphones.

What Network capabilities are required?

It is recommended to use a Wifi infrastructure on the event site, to get the best user experience. However, DialogLoop™ PowerShare is working fine with the GSM infrastructure. The bandwidth requirement has been reduced and optimized the most, to enable smooth operation during an event covered with 3G/4G networks.

Is there any limitation in the number of files / slides / resources / KB shared?

The number of slides shared is unlimited.
The shared files attached to the presentation are limited to 2MB per file.
The number of resources shared is unlimited.
The only limitation is sharing .exe files, which is not authorized. Please contact us if you wish to share .exe files.

Can I protect the access to the session with a Password?

Yes, the DialogLoop™ PowerShare Add-In installed on PowerPoint has the option to add a password to access your shared content. It is optional. Click on the Session Setup Icon, and then Settings.

Is DialogLoop™ PowerShare working with PowerPoint's Presenter View (Slideshow)?



Do I need to pay to use DialogLoop™ PowerShare? / How does the Trial Work?

As an Attendee, you do not need to pay to use DialogLoop™ PowerShare. However, you can only use it if the Event Organizer or Presenter uses DialogLoop™ PowerShare to publish some content.
As an Event Organizer or Presenter, you can use DialogLoop™ PowerShare for free, and run events of 10 participants. For more participants, you need to either purchase a one-time event or to buy a monthly or yearly subscription.

How can I buy an event for more than 10 participants?

The Price is publically available on https://dialogloop.com/pricing, but the purchase of events is done inside PowerPoint. Click on "My Account", in the menu beneath your icon, and then click on "Buy an Event" in the window. Follow the process. Payment is done by Credit Card, using the currency you have selected the first time you have installed DialogLoop™ PowerShare, and set up your account.

Will I get an invoice in case of Purchase?

Yes, the invoice will be sent to you by email at the end of the purchasing process.

Can I cancel my DialogLoop™ PowerShare Event or Subscription purchase?

Yes, you can cancel your purchase. Cancellation is possible 10 days before the end of the month or 10 days before the event: send an email to support@dialogloop.com.

How can I pay?

Standard payment is online with a credit card. If you prefer another payment possibility, please contact support@dialogloop.com


Can I install the DialogLoop™ PowerShare AddIn multiple times on multiple computers?

Yes, you can. The important element will be the Social Network Login or email address you have registered DialogLoop™ with.

Can I run large events with DialogLoop™ PowerShare?

Yes, you can. DialogLoop's Server architecture is built on AWS (Amazon) and is scalable to fit very large events.

Can DialogLoop™ PowerShare be used for a Multi-Session Event?

Yes, the DialogLoop™ PowerShare Conference Edition can handle multi-days/multi-session events, and even sessions running in parallel. The setup is simple: 1/ Buy an event within the DialogLoop™ PowerShare Conference Edition and define the URL name you want to own for the duration of the event. 2/ Ask all the presenters to install DialogLoop™ PowerShare for free on their Windows computer (or do it yourself on your PC) 3/ Eventually prepare the Presentations with extra content, files, #tags, Polls, and Word Clouds 4/ Install DialogLoop™ PowerShare on each PC in each room of the event where the Presenters will present. 5/ Test the Sharing and rehearse with the Presenters 6/ The day of the event, at the moment when the Presentations start, SHARE the content in DialogLoop using the same URL (the one you have defined in step 1/). 7/ Once attendees login, they will be able to access the content.

Can I choose the URL name for my session?

Once you have downloaded and installed the DialogLoop AddIn for PowerPoint, you are provided with a free URL with a random name. This is to trial DialogLoop and use it with up to 10 participants. This URL cannot be changed. If you want to use a customized URL, you need to buy a One-time event or a subscription. This URL Will be rented to DialogLoop for a Limited period of ONE year from the time of creation. You can buy a duration extension (AddOn) in the My Account section.

Can I use DialogLoop PowerShare offline?

Yes. 1. When you open PowerPoint, you do not need to login to DialogLoop PowerShare to prepare your activities (poll/word cloud/quiz). You can prepare your PPT being offline 2. Once you (the presenter) have shared a PPT, you can Disconnect from it, go offline, and the Session will still run without you being there. It's very convenient if you are in transit after an event, and you have let your content online, and the participant can fill-in an evaluation survey for instance. 3. However, you need to be online to share the content, or to reconnect to a shared session. If you then Reconnect to the session, you will find back all your data, and continue your presentation where you left it.

How to used DialogLoop PowerShare with a Projector?

Yes, you can use DialogLoop™ PowerShare with the Projector. This will enable you to see the Slideshow on the Large Display, and either:
1/ See your slideshow on both screens at once
2/ See the Presenter View on the computer screen, or
3/ See the PPT file (Edit Mode) on the computer screen. Each mode offer benefits: 1/ No disturbance: you run your slideshow as usual. You need to set up a Q&A slide upfront to get the questions in your PPT, and ideally, you ask a colleague to help you manage the questions popping-up in the Discussion Pane in the DialogLoop Webapp.
2/ Presenter view: on your computer screen, you will see the upcoming slide, the notes, and the timer (as usual). You will also see the Questions-Slide in advance and can remember and motivate the audience to ask more questions. 3/ Edit Mode: This mode enables you to adjust the slides while presenting. DialogLoop™ PowerShare can accommodate all three cases. The Edit Mode is especially beneficial if you (or your assistant) want to create a Poll while you present. You can also add slides as you go, and DialogLoop will take care of sharing them. To achieve this, you need to click on "Share Slides in PowerPoint edit Mode" in the Start Sharing Menu.

Can I use DialogLoop™ PowerShare on a Mac?

DialogLoop™ PowerShare works natively on PowerPoint for Windows, but not on PowerPoint for Mac. However, if you are using Windows on a Mac using a Virtual Machine software like Parallels Desktop or BootCamp, you can use the DialogLoop Add-in for PowerPoint Windows.

Do Attendees need to download an app to see the shared content with DialogLoop?

No. A URL and a QR Code are created at the moment the Presenter starts sharing. Attendees can scan the QR code or input the URL in their preferred browser.

Is connecting through Social Media safe for my personal data?

DialogLoop uses the standard "Logging through the Social Media" process which is used everywhere now. If the attendee doesn't want to use it, it is possible to create a DialogLoop account with very limited shared information. Only a valid email address is required, to secure the DialogLoop platform.

How do I get a URL?

DialogLoop provides a URL to everyone installing the DialogLoop™ PowerShare AddIn for PowerPoint and registering to DialogLoop (through the Login process). This URL is unique and welcomes your shared content for up to 10 attendees. If you purchase an event or a monthly plan you will get another customizable URL.

Why does Linkedin ask for authorization for DialogLoop to share content on my behalf?

This authorization is driven by LinkedIn. DialogLoop uses it to enable the "Share Slide on Social Media" feature. When an attendee wants to share a slide from the presenter on his LinkedIN account, the attendee will do it in 2 clicks if the authorization is given. If not, the attendee will need to link a LinkedIn account to his/her DialogLoop Profile. Even if technically, DialogLoop shares the slide on LinkedIn, it is triggered by the Attendee.

Is DialogLoop reselling my private data?

No. The DialogLoop team respects Data Privacy and is not communicating nor sharing any Attendees nor Presenters Data with anyone nor any company.

Where are the data when I Start Sharing?

1/ The PPT/PPTX source file remains on your computer. You own it. What is shared are images of your slides. However, the files you are adding as "resources" are indeed shared/downloaded by attendees. 2/ If you add Polls/Surveys/Quizzes/Profiles... the PPT file is amended by DialogLoop to encapsulate these questions, and welcome the data from the audience. You can delete these elements by resetting the file or deleting the data individually.
3/ When pressing Start Sharing, the data are shared on AWS (Amazon servers) located in the USA. For some customers, the data are stored in Canada or some other countries upon request. Send your request to contact@dialogloop.com.


Can I filter the attendees questions and comments?

Yes, question filtering (or Moderation) is available in the DialogLoop™ PowerShare People pane, in the PowerPoint Add-In. Note that Moderation is only available for the Conference Edition. The Moderation feature also enables you to assign several Moderators during a single session, to ease the question filtering of a very large audience.

Can I customize the Survey/Polls Slides?

Yes. Once the Slide is inserted, you can change the slide's appearance : fonts, colors, objects, move the texts, move the question, background, remove the chart, change the chart time, change the chart design... However, if you amend the question within the Slide, it will not amend the question appearing on the attendees' device. You will need to click on the "Live Survey" icon, update the question and save and insert it.

Can I see the Chart animating LIVE on my Slide?

Yes, the Presenter sees the Chart animating as the poll's answers come in.

Can I hide the Chart during a poll?

Yes, you can either delete the Chart from the slide, or better, insert a cover Slide and keep the Chart on a second slide for a later reveal.

Can I create a Word Cloud?

Yes. You can set limitations of number of words and or number of characters

Can I do a multi-question survey with skip logic?


Can I insert images as answers?


How many answers can I set for a question?

- There is no limit to the number of answers a Quiz and Single/Multiple answers can accept. But we recommend reducing the number of choices as the screen size to display the answers is limited, and results-management and chart appearance may be a challenge if there are too many answers.
- Word Cloud and Forms have a customizable limit.

Can I create a Form-type of question?


Can I do a Quiz?

Yes. You can even randomize the answers.


Can I customize the "Live Questions" (Q&A) Slide?

Yes. The Live Question Slide can be customized - The font, color, size can be changed using the Powerpoint edit features. - The Content (Audience's questions) coming from the server can be tuned to fit your needs (settings window). The Content (Audience's questions) is injected into your slide as editable text. It can be copied and paste. However, as long as the session is shared (live), the content will be overwritten by the server each time a question is received.

Can the answers be moderated/filtered?

Yes. You can define as many moderators as you want. The choice is done within PowerPoint in the Audience/Moderator pane. The moderation is done in the DialogLoop™ PowerShare web app, within the Session.

Can I see the Questions/Comments in my PowerPoint Slide?

Yes. 1/ Click "Insert Question Slide". 2/ Adjust the settings.
3/ If needed, adjust the font and the slide design. Tip: To show a lot of questions at once, set the text field with columns. This slide will be 'linked to the server" and all questions will be imported in your PPT. The questions will remain if you delete the session. But is you then delete the questions in the slide, they will be gone.

Are the "Replies" to questions also appearing in the Question-Slide in PowerPoint?

No, they are not as it makes the slide too busy to be readible. Only the Questions are injected in the Question-Slide.

In the DialogLoop Web App, are attendees seeing each other's Questions?

Yes. And everyone can upvote and write a Reply.

When does a Q&A session start and ends?

Up to you : - You can make it start a week before the event to gather preliminary question. - It can run during the session. - It can run after the session for a post-event feedback or follow-up session.

Can I run a written collaborative themes discussion?

Yes. The presenter would need to be the first to connect to the session and list all the themes to be discussed: One comment = one theme. Then ask the participant to write their comment within each Comment, as a Reply.


Must attendees fill-in their profile form?

No, but networking is more efficient and powerful if profiles are filled-in.

Can an attendee contact another attendee?

Yes, DialogLoop™ PowerShare enables you to use Private Chat and Private Video to communicate with other attendees and Presenters within the web app.

Is the one-to-one Video feature in the DialogLoop web app private?

Yes, it is. The video goes from each attendees' browsers and is not transiting through any server. DialogLoop is not seeing that video stream.

Can the presenter be contacted by attendees?

Yes, if the presenter is online using a smartphone. If the presenter or an attendee connected once to the session, other participants can send a chat request, which will be converted into an email to the recipient. However, DialogLoop is not sharing anyone's email address in that process.

Is my email address shared with the attendee I contact. or if one contacts me?

No, DialogLoop doesn't disclose attendees nor presenters emails to anyone, even in a Provivate Chat context.

How can I find out if someone is online or not?

In the DialogLoop™ PowerShare web app, open the people pane (center icon at the bottom of the screen). All attendees are listed. Attendees with a Green dot next to their photo are currently online on the DialogLoop platform. This Green dot remains active as long as the session is shared.

Content Sharing

What happens to my PowerPoint Animation and Slides Transitions in a DialogLoop™ PowerShare sharing session?

1/ Slides transition is not supported. They will work on the big screen but the slides will appear without transition on the attendees' device. 2/ Basic animations like Text build-up and appearing objects are supported by DialogLoop. 3D objects and moving objects will not be shared as moving objects on the attendees' devices as DialogLoop only share images and files. Note: This animation support is turned OFF by default. Turn it ON, and test the feature with each presentation before the event. To turn it ON: 1/ In the DialogLoop™ PowerShare Ribbon, click on the "Session Setup" icon. 2/ Click on the "Settings" Tab. 3/ Click on "Support animations when sharing slides". 4/ Click on "Apply and Close". The window closes. 5/ Start Sharing and enjoy! :)

Is the PPTX/PPT slide deck from the presenter shared with the audience?

No. The slides are converted into images and shared one by one. However, if the presenter wants to share the PPT/PPTX using the DialogLoop™ PowerShare resource sharing feature, this is possible.

What happens to my Live Session if I click on "Stop and Delete" after sharing my content?

The Session and its content are deleted for good. All data input are lost. Therefore we recommend to first use "Disconnect" and let the session running till you have output all required Data.

Zoom/Video Calls

Can I use DialogLoop™ PowerShare with Zoom or other Video Conferencing Solution?

Yes. DialogLoop™ PowerShare is operating independently from Video Conferencing Solutions. DialogLoop™ PowerShare is not impacting the structure of the Video Call. DialogLoop™ PowerShare ads value to these call by: - Attendees can GET the slides which are shared (in PDF format, or PowerPoint format if the presenter shares them specifically). - Attendees can go back and see the slides previously shown. - Attendees can share individual slides on social media if allowed by the Presenter. - DialogLoop™ PowerShare's Q&A can be filtered/moderated if the presenter wants. Several Moderators can be assigned.
- The presenter can add Polls, Quizzes, Word Cloud, Surveys... - All questions/Polls/surveys can include links/URL, images, videos, and font formating - Attendees can see each other's profile and network. - Attendees can contact each other through Chat, Audio, and Video, on the DialogLoop Platform. - A DialogLoop™ PowerShare session can start BEFORE the video call, and continue AFTER it too, for further engagement.

What is the recommended setup?

1/ Single Display is recommended. If you have a dual-display setup, please setup Windows to run on one screen only during the video session. you may select the screen with the highest resolution. 2/ If you use screen sharing, you need to set the Slideshow mode to "Window" in PowerPoint:
a/ Go to the Slide Show tab in the top ribbon b/ Click on the "Setup SlideShow" icon c/ Click on the second option "Browsed by an individual (window)" d/ Click "OK" to save your setting. e/ Go to the DialogLoop Pane, set up your file as you want, and click "Start Sharing". Click "Share" to start. f/ Once the sharing process is complete, start the PowerPoint Slideshow as you are used to. The presentation appears in full appearance WITHIN the window running PowerPoint, and NOT in full screen. You can then adjust the layout of your display to open more software like a web browser to see how the content is appearing on your DialogLoop URL, and also to interact with the participants.

Do Participants need to login in DialogLoop™ PowerShare when using Video Conferencing software?

Yes. Participants can login anonymously, or using their social media credentials. Once one is connected anonymously, it is easy to add a name and create their profile for more successful networking.

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