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First Steps to Share

First steps to share with DialogLoop PowerShare



1/ Close Microsoft PowerPoint.

2/ Install the DialogLoop PowerShare AddIn.

3/ Open PowerPoint: the DialogLoop Tab appears in PowerPoint Ribbon.


4/ We recommend logging in at this time, but it can be done later: Click on the Login icon.

5/ Complete the login process: choose your preferred country and currency (it is important if you want to buy events later).

6/ Close the window once the process is done.

Start Sharing

7/ You can now customize your presentation: add Polls, Surveys, Word Cloud, Questions Slide, Resources to share, Personal Profile, Password, DRM (sharing) Settings…

8/ or, you can click on Start Sharing immediately.

9/ A URL is created for you: it is yours and the audience will use it to participate. It starts with

Test your URL

10/ Input that URL in a web browser, or scan the QR code with a free Reader or the Photo app (on iPhone since iOS 11, 2017).

11/ The link opens a login page, identical to the one in PowerPoint.

12/ Use the same login credentials to simplify the process.

13/ Once logged in, the DialogLoop web app appears. It may show the presenter profile you defined in PowerPoint. Close it and the first slide appears on the screen.

Start your SlideShow

14/ In PowerPoint, start the Slideshow and go to the next slide as usual. The slide changes on your PC and appears instantly on your phone. You are LIVE!

15/ You can now take the poll, try the Live Q&A, share slides on social media, access attendees' profiles, private chat, take notes on each slide, download the shared slides as a PDF file...

16/ At the end of the presentation, you have 2 choices:

  • "Stop and Delete" ALL that is online, and push out the participants. They will not be able to reconnect and interact until you share it again.

  • "Disconnect" from the online session to keep all participants online and engaged. You will be asked to save again the PPT. When you reopen it, you can reconnect to the session, and continue the sharing.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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