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Gather Insights before, during, and after the Event

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Create a Registration Form,

an Expectations Survey,

an Event Evaluation Survey...

Before Event Survey.jpg
Before Event Survey.jpg
Before Event Survey.jpg
Before Event Survey.jpg

Dig-out Attendees' Expectations.

✓ Create and publish a pre-event survey, a couple of weeks before the Event.

✓ Analyze the results and adjust the Event content.

✓ Make a story about how insightful the pre-survey results were, and share the results the day of the event!

Evaluate your event without paper.

✓ Save cost. Save Time. Save Trees.


✓ Easy to do last-minute changes.

✓ Publish the Survey after the event and let it run the time you need. Attendees connect to the same Homepage and answer the Survey.

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Survey Question type.png

Many ways to ask.

✓ Choose from 10+ Question types

✓ Define if you want the questions to appear all at once, or one at a time.

✓ Collect ID information using the Form question type.


✓ Define if the survey should appear on the Event Page, or separately (using the WebSurvey type).


Make Surveys Visual.

✓ Copy/Paste images into the Questions.

✓ Insert images in the Answers.

✓ Use emoji in the NPS and Rating survey types.

✓ Customize the cosmetic appearance using the Themes tab.

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Video Poll Engage.png
Sunset Quiz in PPT.png

See Survey Results in PowerPoint.

Insert the free DialogLoop Add-in from the Microsoft Store, into a Slide.

✓ Type the Quick Connect code

Select the survey: all results appear in one slide.

Get more relevant insights from Conditional Surveys.

✓ A conditional Survey contains a preset skip logic to jump to another question upon the respondent's answer.

✓ It makes the results more precise, drives better findings, and reduces the attendee's burden to answer a survey.

Survey Skip Logic.png
Export Poll UI.png

Save. Share. Reuse.

✓ Save a survey as a master file.

✓ Share it with colleagues by email.

✓ Import it in another Event for reuse.

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