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DialogLoop Emojize - Support

Easy, Easy, Easy!

1. Open a Free Account

2. Create an Event

3. Create an Event Welcome Page


4. Choose an Emoji 'Flight Plan' 🚀


7. Share the Session URL and QR Code

5. Set a Passcode (optional)

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and more...

8. Start the video streaming and motivate the audience to login

6. Add the "Emoji Output link" to your Broadcast Software


9. Welcome the flying Emoji!

How To...

How to use DialogLoop™ Emojize with Broadcast Software like OBS Studio?

1/ Login to DialogLoop™ Emojize using your email address. It's free for 10 attendees.
2/ Within Emojize, create an Event.
3/ Create the Event Welcome page.
4/ Set the Login Settings.
5/ Click on Emotion Board to set it up.
6/ Choose your preferred Emoji flow type. Adjust the Size, Speed, and Transparency.
7/ Set the useability rule :
- Send Instantly allows only one Emoji at a time, but no need to click "send".
- Is "Send instantly" is not clicked, attendees can type multiple Emoji and send them all at once.
- "Customize" creates a limited list of Emoji for attendees to choose from.
8/ Turn on the Switch in the Emotion Board Header to generate the Link.
9/ Click Preview to see the Attendee Page. make adjustments if needed.
10/ In the Links Page, copy the Emotion Board Output Link.
11/ Open OBS Studio, and create a new Browser Layer.
12/ Paste the link and validate.
13/ The Emotion Board output is now inserted as a layer on top of the video stream: it is a LIVE link to the server and displays the Audience input.
14/ Go back to the Attendee Preview Page and send data on the related activity. The output appears in OBS.
15/ Buy an event with the number of attendees you expect.
16/ When the time is right, share the Link to the Attendee Page (in the Links page) with your audience.
17/ You are all set for primetime!

Video Tutorials

Coming soon

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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