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Give your Event a Face

Create a simple Event Landing Page.

Input all required data before, during, and after the Event:

- Detailed agenda

- Presenter profile details

- Sponsors logos

- Video links
- File links
- Registration form
- Pre-survey
ou name it!


Welcome your attendees

Build a Customisable Event Landing page in a few clicks!

✓ Customize the Header to set the scene.

✓ Add a Company/School logo, Presenter photo, or the Event's main topic... You name it!

✓ Add a Welcome text or an Agenda and customize it as you wish.

✓ Add one or several images.

✓ Add links to a video, a website, or a document.

✓ Save, Preview, Amend: You are LIVE!

Features Switch-Engage-Jan2024.png

The Event Landing page is your Activities Hub.


✓ Switch ON a feature and it appears on the Landing page Page.

Features can be switched ON/OFF before, during, or even after the Event.
✓ When OFF, all related data is ke
pt on your Management Page and is not visible to attendees.

✓ Even the Landing Page can be hidden anytime. Attendees can then get to the Activity page without a hurdle.

Features Switch-Engage-Jan2024.png

Customize the Welcome page before, during, and after the Event.

- Announce the Event Content and Agenda.

- Tease the Audience with a Video, some files to read...

- Create and publish a pre-event Survey to evaluate the audience's knowledge, gather data, and collect expectations or even ideas.



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