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Brand All Audience Interaction

Add your brand or sponsor's logo on every audience contact point,

and on the Audience Mobile Devices.

Replace the DialogLoop Logo with your Own.

Your logo appears on the visualization of Q&A and Polls.

It appears in PowerPoint, Web browser outputs, iFrames, and OBS Studio links.

DialogLoop Header in Q&A Output.png
DialogLoop Header in Q&A Output (no logo)_.png
Your Logo Here-150x150.png
Your Logo in a text field.png

Promote a Sponsor in the Q&A text field!

✓ The account owner can publish rich text content within a Q&A Question and answer.

✓ The Rich Text content can contain:

- an image upload or copy/paste,

- a formatted text copied from a text editor,

- a formatted website content,

- a URL (website, web video...),

- a link to a pdf file or data transfer services.

Brand the Poll's Form!

✓ Increase the brand visibility

✓ Insert a logo and/or a sponsor message in a Poll's form: it appears on the attendee device.


Customize each poll individually.

Sponsor Logo in Poll form -400x221.jpg
Thank You Message - Image Your Brand Here.png

Sponsor the Poll's "Thank You" Message!

✓ The message appears on the attendees' device after a Poll answer has been submitted.


✓ honor all your sponsors: each poll's thank you message can be customized independently.

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