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DialogLoop™ is an Audience Engagement Platform for Presenters, Zoom users, Live Streamers, Artists, Performers, and Event Organizers who want to interact with their Audience during Live, Hybrid, and Remote Events using Video Conferencing solutions (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx...) or Video Streaming solutions (OBS Studio...).

​Attendees do not need to download an App: they connect to the DialogLoop Web platform using a QR Code or a link to discover the content, engage in real-time polls, participate in live digital Q&A, and network through DialogLoop's private pear to pear Live Chat, phone, and Video Calls.

Audience Engagement where you need it!

DialogLoop's Polling Chart in Microsoft PowerPoint
DialogLoop Survey Input - User Interface
Welcome Page Preview from DialogLoop Engage
Visual output of all attendees participating to the Session, viewed on the Smart Phone Screen, durin
Gradient Background
DialogLoop Engage User Interface for Word Cloud datainput

Test me here!

In this demo, the Profanity filter is active in 12 languages: Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Portuguese, Spanish.
This Word Cloud engine is available in DialogLoop™ Engage and DialogLoop™ Influence.

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Three Audience Engagement Solutions







Add Interactive Activities seamlessly to PowerPoint and boost your Video Calls, Events, Lectures, Training Sessions...

For Presenters, Zoomers, Microsoft Teamers, Trainers, Teachers...

Online Service for all platforms
+ Free PowerPoint Add-in on the Microsoft App Store

Make your Live Video-Streaming Interactive.

For Influencers, Live Video Streamers, Artists and Gamers.

Online Service for all platforms
Integration with OBS Studio, Wirecast, vMix...

Add a customizable interactive Emoji Fountain to a Live Video Stream or to a PowerPoint presentation.

For Presenters, Streamers, Influencers, Artists and Gamers.

Online Service for all platforms

Integration with PowerPoint, OBS Studio, Wirecast, vMix...

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- GDPR Compliant

- Secure and scalable infrastructure

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