What is DialogLoop™?

DialogLoop™ is an Audience Engagement and Networking Software Platform for live events.

The DialogLoop Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint enables Presenters to seamlessly build surveys, stream content and their presentation to attendees’ mobile devices.

Attendees connect to the DialogLoop Web platform to discover the content, engage in real time surveys, participate in live Q & A, and interact through live chatting and networking.
 What is DialogLoop™?

Audience Engagement of a new era

...for  Trainer, Professor, Coach

...for Trainer, Professor, Coach

...for Association, NGO, Student

...for Association, NGO, Student

...for Event Organizer, Event Producer

...for Event Organizer, Event Producer

Event Agency, AV Agency, AV Specialist, Event locations, Hotel, Conference/Exhibition organizers...

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...for Participative and Demanding Attendees

...for Participative and Demanding Attendees

Connect directly with the Presenter or other Attendees.

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Video Testimonials

Calgary Marketing Association

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Evening Event, One presentation, Experts Panel, 80 attendees

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Tendance du Travel 2018

TendanceNomad, Paris. France

Award Ceremony dinner event, 80 attendees

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Venture Quest

Bow Valley College, Calgary, Canada

Evening Event+Pitch Competition, Multiple speakers, 100 attendees

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Business Market Showcase

Royal Bank of Canada, Calgary

One day event, 100 attendees

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Hire Management Event

Evening Event in Calgary, Canada

Morning event, 3 speakers, 60 attendees

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Soul of the Next Economy Forum 2017

Ambrose University, Calgary Canada

2 days, 6 rooms, 1 Plenary, 300 attendees

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Global Petroleum Show 2017

3-day Exhibition, Calgary, Canada

2 sites: Customer booth and Amphitheater

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How DialogLoop™ works


Setup, Create, Share, Stream, Collect, Meet, Sell and Analyse

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Log-in, View, Annotate, Share, Tweet, Engage, 'Like', Browse, Connect, Purchase, Download.

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User guides / Tutorials

How to install DialogLoop™ on Windows

How to share using DialogLoop™ on Windows

Mode d'emploi de DialogLoop™ pour les participants à un événement

Social Media Tutorial

How participants can: - Login with Facebook - Tweet a Slide - Add a social network account

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- Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or newer running on Microsoft Windows operating system.
- Processing live content requires some basic connectivity. DialogLoop standard configuration limits data transfers to a minimum.
- Information is stored in DialogLoop™ servers running on Amazon AWS. Our technical department is constantly upgrading and updating our servers to ensure maximum performance, scalability, and security.
- DialogLoop™ does not require a downloaded app. The iOS and Android apps (work-in-progress) provide the exact same functionality as connecting to our web-app through any modern browser
It is recommended to use a Wifi infrastructure on the event site, to get the best user experience.
However, DialogLoop is working fine with the GSM infrastructure.
The bandwidth  requirement have been reduced and optimized the most, to enable smooth operation during an event covered with 3G/4G network.

Yes, you can. The important element will be the Social Network Login you have registered DialogLoop™ with.
Yes, you can. DialogLoop's Server architecture is built on AWS (Amazon), and is using several servers in the world.
The number of slide shared is unlimited.
The file size is limited to 2MB per file.
The number of resource shared is unlimited.

Presenter 2020

  • 17/01/2018 09:41

For 30 years, the best practice for delivering a Presentation in front of an audience has been set by Steve Jobs' famous Keynotes. Virtually every manager from every company tried to replicate his presentation tricks, learnt the art of storytelling and dreamt of achieving his level of Charisma ever since, in order to get the best Audience Engagement for their own presentation. It is often forgotten that a Keynote speech is about ...

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