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What is DialogLoop™?


DialogLoop™ is a turnkey Audience Engagement and Networking Software Platform for live Events.

DialogLoop is a software solution for Microsoft PowerPoint which enables Presenters to seamlessly create polls, word clouds and surveys, stream content and their presentation to attendees’ mobile devices.

Attendees connect to the DialogLoop Web platform to discover the content, engage in real-time surveys, participate in live digital Q&A, and interact through live chatting and networking.


Your Presentation becomes an Interactive Web App... in one-click!


All you need is an audience, and DialogLoop takes care of the rest!


Activated within PowerPoint, DialogLoop creates a dedicated web app for your event, and all you need to do is present, as you are used to!


To engage your audience even more, DialogLoop enables you to create polls, surveys, and word clouds.  You can also share supporting files, clickable URLs and speaker notes, all from PowerPoint!

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