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Seamless PowerPoint Integration

Create activities in DialogLoop,

Visualize audience response in PowerPoint.


Run Engagement Activities seamlessly in PowerPoint!

✓ Create activities on the DialogLoop Engage Website.

✓ Insert the free DialogLoop Engage Add-In for PowerPoint from the Microsoft Store.

✓ Paste the Presenter Code in the Add-In's Text Field.


✓ All your Activities appear in the Slide!


It is that simple!

Insert One Activity per Slide and move them around.

Within the DialogLoop Engage Add-in, pick the first Activity to Display on a Slide.

✓ Duplicate that slide and choose another activity to display.

Run the activities in Slideshow mode in PowerPoint.

You can do the same in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft OneNote!


Control your Activities from within PowerPoint, while in Slideshow mode!

Show quiz's results

Show all activities

Show the QR code

Previous slide

Start/stop the poll

Show the question

Show chart

Next slide


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All DialogLoop Engagement Activities integrate seamlessly with PowerPoint

Q&A Basics-v3 -CUT_265px.png
Live Q&A
Q&A Moderation-v3 -CUT_265px.png
Q&A Manage-v3 -CUT_265px.png
Multi Single Polls v2 -CUT_265px.png
Survey v3 -CUT_265px.png
Moderation for Live Q&A
Tools for Live Q&A
Single Polls, Quiz and Word Clouds

See Questions flying into your PowerPoint Slides!

✓ Insert one or several DialogLoop Q&A slides in your PowerPoint Slide deck, at different moments of your presentation.

✓ Turn ON the Q&A Feature in DialogLoop Engage.

✓ Motivate the Audience to connect to the Session using the QR code.

✓ Stimulate the interaction by creating an Ask/Respond mindset.

✓ Questions magically appear on the Slides!


✓ Questions are dynamically sorted per relevance (number of "Likes").

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