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DialogLoop Engage - Support

Video Tutorials

Quick Start

1. Create a Free Account

Online Poll-Monument Quiz-LR-v20230512.png

4. Fill in the content

Features Switch-Engage-Jan2024.png

7. Turn ON/OFF Features


10. Preview and test your interactive site.


13. Copy/Paste the "Presenter Code" link in the Add-in text field. 


16. Share the Session URL, or make them scan the QR Code.


2. Create an Event Welcome Page

Customize Output appearance-LR.png

5. Customize the activity appearances for attendees device and for your Presentation Slide.


8. Set the login type

DialogLoop Engage Viewer.png

11. In the Microsoft Store in PowerPoint, search for the "DialogLoop Engage" Add-in.


14. Select the activity to display.


17. Motivate the attendees to interact


3. Pick an activity

Icone PLAY.png

6. Start the Activity


9. Set a Password (Optional)


12. Insert the Add-In into a slide.

Engage AddIn ScreenShot + Background 2023.png

15. Use the Control Barre to set your preferred view and start the activity.


18. Export collected data in CSV, or XLS formats.

How To...

How to use DialogLoop™ Engage with a Video Conferencing solution like Zoom?

1/ Login to DialogLoop™ Engage using your email address. It's free for 10 attendees.
2/ Create an Event.
3/ Create the Event Welcome page if you want to. This is optional if you want the attendees to land directly on the Polling page.
4/ Set the Login Settings.
5/ Create activities like a Poll, Quiz, Word Cloud…
6/ Turn on the Switch in the Header of each activity you want to use: Welcome Page, Poll, Public Chat, Q&A.
7/ Preview the Attendee Page. Amend if needed.
8/ Test the Public Chat and the Q&A and see the text appear on the admin page.
9/ Test the Polls/Word Cloud:
- In the Poll tab of the Master window (admin/management window where you created the polls), click on the PLAY button to initiate the Poll. The Poll appears on the attendee page.
- Vote, and see the Graph appear on your Management Page.
- Launch the next vote (press PLAY icon), vote, and see the result appear on the admin page.
- If needed, amend the polls. Once you are happy with the Preview, you are ready for primetime.
10/ Use DialogLoop for free with 10 participants.

11/ For more participants, buy an event with the number of attendees you expect.
12/ When the time is right, go to the Link page to copy the Attendee link and share it with your audience. You may consider sharing the link BEFORE the event, to increase the chances to get attendees connected. Note: you can also consider asking questions BEFORE the event to collect data and improve the quality of your presentation/session. Another alternative is to show/screen copy the QR Code available in the Links section. Each session has its own QR code. You can copy this QR code and place it in your presentation software.

13/ When the day comes, start your Conferencing/Zoom session and start the screen sharing.
14/ During your screen sharing, open the DialogLoop™ Engage Admin page to show the polls' results. You can also use the fullscreen mode to show the Diagram in large size.

DialogLoop Engage FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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