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Whitelist dashboard.jpg

Authorised Guests Only!

Restrict the Event Access with a Whitelist.
Delegate the list management to several staff members.

Ease the Attendees Event Access.

Whitelist dashboard.jpg
Whitelist dashboard.jpg
Whitelist dashboard.jpg

Team Work

Share the Whitelist Management URL with several peers, and work on it simulteaneously.

✓ Typical Use case: The Welcome Desk Staff checks the attendees registration using the Whitelist URL, and amend it live. Attendees can instantly log into the session.

Auto Access Code

✓ When new Attendee data is imported or created with the list, a unique Access Code is autogenerated for each attendee.

The Access Code is customisable and effective immediately.

Loging-in with the right email and passcode gets the attendee logged-in instantly.

Whitelist v2-CUT_265px.png
Whitelist dashboard.jpg
Whitelist dashboard.jpg

Instant Search Engine

✓ Dynamic. Live. Fast.

Monitor if Attendees are logged into the Event.

Authorize or Block Attendees to login.

✓ See if One logged into the session.

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Whitelist dashboard.jpg
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