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DialogLoop Engage - Word Cloud
for Video Conferences, Video Streaming, Webinars, and Events.


Get the best out of your audience!

✓ Break the ice: Have Fun!

✓ Give them a voice: Get insights.

✓ Bridge the gap: Get their pulse.

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Test me here!

Note: In this demo, the Profanity filter is active in 12 languages. List below.
Feedback and comments are very welcome:

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"Break the ice" with a Word Cloud

✓ See the audience's impressions gather and animate on the shared screen.

✓ Gathered words, phrases, and Emogi create a beautiful image within a slide of your presentation, a separate browser window, or as a Layer in a live streaming software (OBS Studio, vMix, and others...)

✓ Set a timer to stimulate the engagement!

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Give Them a Voice

✓ Create a poll containing an image or a link to a video, and ask for their opinion.

✓ Gather feedback as emoji, single words, and/or phrases.

✓ Set a limit of words/characters per attendee.

✓ Set how many times the answer can be changed.

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Preview the Chart design as you build it

✓ Prepare your Word Cloud in advance and adjust the design on the spot, while collecting audience input.


Choose an Output Background

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Style the question your way

✓ Use standard formatting tools to customize your questions.

✓ Get the look and feel you want.

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Brand your Poll.

✓ Customize the poll window on the attendee's device.
✓ Add your logo, or your sponsor's.

✓ Use your brand colors, change the font...

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International by nature.

✓ Supports multi-lingual text with accents

✓ Supports logograms: Arabic, Chinese, Hebrew, Indian, Japanese, Korean, and more...

✓ Supports Emoji


Profanity Free!*

✓ Automatic Word Cloud Profanity Filter actionable in 12 languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Spanish, Portuguese.

✓ Pick and choose the languages you want to activate.

✓ The filter can be turned ON or OFF at any time, even after attendees' inputs have been received.
✓ Dual-mode filter: Remove profanity or replace it with a custom character.
✓ Each Word Cloud can have its filtering setting.

✓ Filter customization: Remove words from each language's profanity dictionary, in one click.
✓ If a user updates the answer, the updates go through the filter too.

* Profanity Filters are available In DialogLoop™ Engage and DialogLoop™ Influence.
Note: The Profanity Filters cover as many "bad words" as possible. Note that some variations of these words. some newer expressions or some local and contextual profanity statements may not be filtered.

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Export insights.

✓ Get all the Word Cloud input for further analysis.

✓ Know who voted what and contact them for further discussion.

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