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Major Software Update - November 2023

New Event Settings

✓ New User Interface

✓ Simplification


✓ Cosmetic adjustments on the output

Q&A New Features

✓ The Event Owner can:

- Respond to Questions using rich text, images and URL/web links. Images can be pasted or uploaded.

- Delete any question

- Edit any question

- Up-vote Questions

✓ The Event Owner can decide if Attendees can:

- Edit their questions

- Delete their question

- Reply to questions (text only)

- Up-vote Questions

✓ The Event Owner can define several topics to influence and focus the attendee on the questions that count. The attendees choose which topics their question is about.

✓ On-slide Visualisation:

- New Question Design

- Each question can be archived directly from the PowerPoint slide in slideshow mode.

- The owner chooses if the question appears on the output (PowerPoint Slide) automatically or manually.

✓ Attendee View: New User Interface

- Improved Design: Each question is a 'card'

- Customisable Header and welcome messages

✓ Automatic Profanity Filter

- Possibility to Add custom bad-words

✓ Moderation Window update

- Added an "Archived Messages" Category

- Each card displays the Category, and can be changed.

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