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Software Update - October 2023

✓ New feature: Enable attendees to submit several answers to Polls, Word Cloud, and Surveys. This feature is ideal for:

- Ideation sessions with a team or a group.

- To enable multiple people to contribute using the same device.

✓ Faster access to QR Code: The session's QR code is now directly visible in the LINKS section. The session's owner can now quickly test his session using the camera of a smartphone or a tablet.

✓ Polls Settings Simplification: New data structure and split in three categories.

✓ New User Interface:

- New Colorful Look & Feel

- Added Five new Animated Background for Polls, Word Cloud and Q&A. Total available = 22.

✓ Tutorial and What's New links nowavailable in the My Events section.

✓ Advanced Link Option: DialogLoop Engage can now share Links/URL with or without Control Barre. Removing the Control Barre is interesting for integration in Streaming like OBS Studio, vMix...

✓ Bug Fixes:

- Adding a question to a single-poll question makes it a survey. The icon changes too.

- Short title now works on every question type.

- Reports now export only ALL data (no partial export).

- Translation updates

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