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Major Software Update - January 2024

New Product Mix

  • DialogLoop Influence and DialogLoop Emojize are no longer available as standalone Applications.

  • DialogLoop Engage is the only app available since January 7th.

  • DialogLoop Engage can now use URLs to visualise Chart in Video Streaming Software like OBS Studio, vMix or StreamYard.

New Business Model

Test all features and buy what you really need.

  • Full featured Trial

  • Trial available instantly

  • Trial is Free for up to 10 attendees

  • Core Features are now available as Modules

  • Modules can be cumulated to create a customised Audience Engagement toolkit

New Modular Pricing

  • All plans welcome up to 500 participants as standard.

  • Buy a Single or Unlimited Event, as a one-time payment.

  • Event duration is 1 month minimum (upgradable).

  • Purchase "Seats" (=licenses) for deployment inside a company or to manage a large event.

  • Price available in several currencies.

New Core Modules

  • Attendee's Whitelist: Filter the attendance using a list containing the attendees Email Address and an individual passcode.

  • Welcome Page is a now standalone Module

  • Customisable Branding: replace the DialogLoop Logo in the Polls and Q&A outputs.

  • "Single Polls & Word Clouds" are now a dedicated Module, separated from the Survey, Multi-Quiz and Web Survey features.

  • The Q&A features have been grouped in three cumulative Modules:

    • Live Q&A

    • Moderation for Live Q&A

    • Management Toosls for Live Q&A

Features Improvements

  • New Polls questions types are now available as standalone: Likert Scale, Star Rating, Sort.

  • New Backgrounds for chart/Q&A visualisation in PowerPoint Slides and Web browsers visualisers.

New "My Account" User Interface

  • "My Apps" is no longer available

  • "My Account" now contains New product categories of event.

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