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Software Update - March 2024

New Business Model - Phase II

  • Each Trial Session can be purchased individually using a 'Buy' button below each card. Settings, content, Polls, and Surveys are kept during the purchasing process.

  • Upgrade purchased Events with new modules, number of users, and number of participants using the 'Buy' located in the Event's card.

New "My Events" page structure

  • New "Events Trash Bin" Category:

    • Deleted sessions move to the "Trash Bin" category.

    • Restore deleted sessions in one click.

  • New Category's Colors:

    • Yellow: Trial Sessions

    • Green: Purchased Sessions

    • Red: Event Trash Bin

Bugs Fixes

  • Data Report now includes Star Rating Question's data.

  • The poll's GEAR window displays Animated Backgrounds properly.

  • Miscellaneous cosmetic fixes


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