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How Momentum got 165 people to ideate 35 projects in 90 minutes!


Momentum Community Economic Development Society is a Canadian non-governmental organization focusing on poverty reduction and adding a social perspective to economic development initiative.

Once a year they organize the Thrive Community Huddle - a community event for change-makers, neighborhood champions and entrepreneurs working towards a resilient and inclusive local economy.

Event's Objectives

Connect the community members.Brainstorm new ideas and launch projects that are socially innovative, creating a positive impact within all communities in the city of Calgary for the upcoming year. Identify project leaders and provide opportunities to dialogue within the community. Create an easily accessible repository of projects for all stakeholders, to collaborate and bring ideas to life.

Discovery to Action

The organizers used a fun, inspirational, action-oriented collaborative process. The 90-minute work-session was divided into three rounds of 30 minutes each. The attendees were instructed to dynamically self-organize themselves into small groups of five.

In the first round, each group discussed several ideas and selected one that had the potential to create an impact in the community, and then nominate a project leader.

At the end of each round, everyone in the group other than the project leader moved to the next table. A new group joined the project leader to help refine and strengthen the idea. Facilitators helped keep the groups moving along in the process.

An innovative implementation

For the first time, Momentum used the DialogLoop™ audience engagement solution, and it quickly became the backbone of the event.

Attendee visited an event URL and signed-in using their social media credentials (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter) on their smartphone. A profile card for each attendee was automatically created which made it easy to put a name to a face and facilitate communication instantaneously. Using the DialogLoop™ Web app, attendees completed a survey in real time resulting in a 75% response rate before the end of the event. Organizers had real-time access to this data ready to be fed to their CRM system and visualize as live charts. Resources including slides, links and popular hashtags were streamed live within DialogLoop™, enabling participants to help create buzz on social media. Project leaders submitted their new project details on their smartphones. Once approved each project transformed into a session within DialogLoop™ - visible on the big screen for everyone to see. Community members are now able to learn and engage with the projects that interest them on their smartphones. All 35 projects initiated at light-speed are currently live and in action in the Momentum community. The most advanced and ambitious projects are looking forward to becoming a reality with appropriate funding.

Video testimonials

1/ Barb Davies, Event Organizer

2/ Philip Lozano, Event Organizer

3/ Andrea Wall, Event Facilitator

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