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Launch Press Release - Calgary, Canada - November 5th, 2018

DialogLoop™ launches the Next Generation Audience Engagement and Networking Platform for Live Events.

DialogLoop™ will be exhibiting at Event Tech Live 2018 (#ETL18) in London UK, on November 7 & 8.

Calgary, Canada, November 5th, 2018

DialogLoop™, Inc. announced today the launch of The Next Generation Audience Engagement and Networking Platform for Live Events. This solution is a turn-key web platform driven entirely by the DialogLoop™ Add-in for Microsoft PowerPoint. The Add-In enables Presenters to enrich their PowerPoint Presentation with content, to seamlessly build surveys, and stream all to attendees’ mobile devices. Attendees connect to the DialogLoop™ Web platform with a URL or scanning a QR code, using their Social Media login to discover the content, engage in real time surveys, participate in live Q&A and Discussions, and interact through live chatting and networking.

Dinesh Advani, Founder and CEO at DialogLoop™, Inc says:

 "We are thrilled to bring to PowerPoint users an Audience Engagement and Networking Software Platform that is easy to use, powerful and affordable. At DialogLoop™, we believe Audience Engagement and Networking is mission critical for all live events and not a luxury reserved for large conferences and trade-shows. Every Speaker, Presenter, Coach, MC, deserves access to tools that can tap into the participative power of their audience. With DialogLoop™, you have the best of both worlds where, with a few clicks, you can create a purpose-built digital community for your event while also leveraging popular social networks. Our ultimate aim is the democratization of Live Audience Engagement and Networking at Live Events."

At the cross road of Polling Solutions and Event Apps

DialogLoop™ is unique among the many Polling and Event apps available today. With seamless integration into PowerPoint, Event Organizers are able to generate a private Event Space and run Content Sharing Live Engagement and a Networking Web platform in a couple of clicks, and for a little budget. DialogLoop™ empowers small events to get their Event Web App and run it themselves directly from the software they know and love.

The more your share…

One of the findings of the 300+ events run with DialogLoop™ to date is the presenter's frustration to not have sufficient time to present more content, and the equivalent attendees' frustrations to want to know more, get additional information and own the content. DialogLoop™ solves these problems by enabling the presenter to share dynamically more content than the slides, from PowerPoint. Attendees can download the slides, open and download all the shared files/URL/Notes at the event from their mobile device. The audience can take notes, "like", and comment on individual slides and may re-tweet one or more slides, using the Presenter's #tags or his/her own.

Automation makes sharing easy

DialogLoop™ can scan PowerPoint files, gather all URLs and email addresses and transform them in actionable links. When sharing the presentation, each link is pushed to audience devices as the slides advance. Presenter Profile cards can be automatically populated with actionable links such as presenter contact info, #tags, social media profiles or any link you wish.

An Advanced Survey Engine

Accessible directly inside PowerPoint, the DialogLoop™ Survey Engine enables the Presenter to create single or multiple questions surveys, import/export questions, customize the survey appearance, and even add images as responses. DialogLoop’s Skip Logic feature lets you create a survey that will respond to individual answers. Surveys are controlled from within PowerPoint, and the results are gathered and updated live directly in a PowerPoint slide. An optional Add-on feature enables external Web Surveys which can be spread over Social Media.

Dynamic Networking

DialogLoop™ can drive multiple sessions from multiple computers on the same shared Event Space (ie: multi-room conference setup). As attendees connect to the Event Space using Social Login, they can know who is in the specific room they enter, screen the social media profiles and chat in one click. The Event Organizer is able to identify which attendee goes to which session.

Engagement Level Report

At the close of an event, the DialogLoop™ Add-In user can download a complete Audience Engagement report revealing the level of audience engagement, attendance levels, what slides were "liked", which files were downloaded, what questions were answered, and which questions need to be followed up.

Pricing and Availability

The DialogLoop™ Add-In for Microsoft® PowerPoint for Windows is available now for free in six languages, and downloadable on It can be used for free for events of up to 10 participants. To welcome more audience members, the event organizer can buy an Event or subscribe monthly (paid per year). The event organizer can select among three different set of features: Starter, Pro, Conference, and select the number of expected audience members. Pricing is available on Audience members connect for free to the sessions online using a URL generated by DialogLoop™ in PowerPoint. Please connect to to experience the user interface and the features.

Videos and supporting elements

DialogLoop™ Overview (EN/FR) Testimonial of Seven Customers (EN/FR)

Add-In Tutorial for Presenters - How to Install DialogLoop™ on Windows (EN) - How to Share using DialogLoop™ (EN)

Web App Tutorial for Attendees - How to use the DialogLoop™ Webapp (FR) - How to use Social Media on DialogLoop™ (EN)


For further information, please contact the DialogLoop™ Press Office: Emmanuel Gueritte Marketing Director +33 6 32 50 99 49

About DialogLoop™, Inc.

Headquartered in Calgary, Canada, the DialogLoop™ project began in 2016. Incorporated in June 2017, DialogLoop™ has powered 300+ events and has been used by 6000+ attendees to date. For further information, please visit DialogLoop™ is a registered trademark of DialogLoop™, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. This is an independent publication and is neither affiliated with, nor authorized, sponsored, or approved by, Microsoft Corporation.

DialogLoop™, Inc. 262 West Ranch Place SW Calgary, Alberta T3H 5C2

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