​Free for interaction with

up to 10 attendees


No commitment!

No credit card needed!

1/ Please input your first name, last name and email address below to download DialogLoop™ for Windows.

2/ Then, run the DialogLoopSetup.exe installer. Once completed open Microsoft PowerPoint. A DialogLoop tab appears in the top ribbon, on the right.

3/ Click "Login" to create an account and complete the login process.


4/ Use DialogLoop™ as long as you want, with up to 10 participants at a time. You can run a new session with new participants anytime.

5/ All "Presenter" features are ready for use, with 10 attendees. To welcome more participants to your session, or use the "Conference Edition" features, upgrading is required: go to My Account page in PowerPoint.

6/ If you are planning an event with more than 2,000 attendees,  please contact us: contact@dialogloop.com