...for Participative and Demanding Attendees

2 min read

No more slides photo-shooting!

Get the Slides on your mobile device while they are presented.

Improve your work productivity

Take notes next to each slide and download the slides+Notes anytime.

Improve your reputation on Social Media

Share the best slides on Social Network.

Voice out your opinion!

Answer digital survey/polls/quizzes thru a mobile device.

Dare asking questions to the Presenter, quietly!

Type your questions to the presenter, and like the questions of others attendees.

Contribute to the discussion

Discuss the Presenter ideas in a digital forum with the other attendees, as he speaks!

Know who is in the room

Get instant access to the list of participants connected to the session you are in.

Know your peers

Screen participant's Social Media Profile.

Network in-room without boundaries

Chat directly with people in the same session.

Be visible to the stage Master

Chat with the Presenter, before, during and after the event!

Own the Guru's library!

Get instant access to the Presenter's recommended lectures and books.