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Trainer, Professor, Coach

Stream your knowledge... in a blink

...and back with answers, input, "likes" and data analytics!

Enrich your students... in a click!

No more constraints to share the supporting files you want them to read.

1/ Click "Start Sharing" in PowerPoint, and screencopies of your slides land on the Attendee's mobile devices, at your pace.

2/ Add to each PowerPoint slide some supporting files, clickable links, speaker notes, and reveal them as you speak!

3/ Students can access and download all slides and files at any time, on one or several devices.

Straight from Powerpoint to the Audience's Mobile Devices

Motivate learners to contribute!

No more 'lost' students.
No more boredom in the room.

No more paper evaluation.

1/ In a couple of clicks in PowerPoint, create and run digital polls during the class to get learners's opinion.

2/ Run a digital survey before the class to motivate attendance, and get valuable insights on attendees' knowledge and expectations.

3/ Run an after class evaluation using DialogLoop to quantify the learners' achievement.

Ancre 1


I think it is fantastic. What is exciting for me is to be able to have a safe environment to participate in active dialog while the other dialogue is happening.

Peter Fenwick,

Managing Director

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Extend your 1-hour lecture by... a month!

No more "too short time-slot" to present all slides.
No more guilt to not be able to answer all questions.

1/ After the lecture, your presentation and the shared content remain available on the server, and available anytime, for the duration your want (optional).

2/ You can run a pre-course digital survey to ask questions and get insights from the students.

3/ After the course, you can run extra polls or surveys and gather data about their learning.

Ancre 3

Ease their access to the right supporting books!

No more wasting time informing which books to buy.
No more feeling bad to have to remove your books from the slides.

1/ In PowerPoint, create one or several personal profiles containing links to your personal website, or to your online bookstore.

2/ All attendees will see your profile when entering the session, and can access it anytime.


3/ Clicking on the book link will lead them to the bookstore and purchase instantly.

Ancre 4

Empower the Students to... nurture you!

No more poor quality Q&A!

No more attendee shame to ask questions!

No more loosing a student to online-videos.

1/ Get all attendees questions inside a slide of your presentation, while you speak.

2/Enable attendees to up-vote questions, sorting automatically the most relevant to the group.

3/ Enable attendees to discuss topics by responding to each other's question and comment

4/ Activate Moderation and question filtering if needed.

5/ A colleague or a master of ceremony can monitor the questions from his mobile device and ask the relevant questions.

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Sharing is easy!

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