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Stream your knowledge... in a blink

...and back with answers, input, "likes" and data analytics!

Stream your knowledge... in a blink.


No more attendees taking photos of your slides.
No more constraints and delays to get them the supporting files you want them to read.


1/ Click "Start Sharing" in PowerPoint, and screen copies of your slides land on the Attendee's mobile devices, at your pace.


2/ Add supporting files, clickable links, #tags and speaker notes in each PowerPoint slide and share them in a click, as you speak!

Straight from Powerpoint to the Audience's Mobile Devices


...I like the fact that this was instant: I saw the numbers right away. And it was actually pretty simple to use really. It wasn't complicated. It was pretty seamless when I saw it on my smartphone it was great!


Senior Consultant Career Management

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Grasp Audience's pulse in a snap!

No more passive attendees.
No more boredom in the room.

1/ In a couple of clicks in PowerPoint, create and run digital polls during the event to get audience's opinion.

2/ Run a digital survey before the event to motivate attendance, and get valuable insights on audience's expectation.

3/ Run an event evaluation after the event using DialogLoop to quantify the event's achievement.

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Extend your 1-hour presentation by...

a month!

No more "too short time-slot" to present all slides.
No more rush or cancellation of the Q&A Session

1/ A couple of weeks before the event, publish some intro slides on the Event's URL generated by DialogLoop.

2/ Run a pre-event digital survey to get insights from the audience

3/ After the event, your presentation and supporting documents can remain available to the attendees.

4/ A couple of weeks after the event, run a Q&A conference call, and use DialogLoop as a base for sharing more slides, welcoming written questions, or motivating discussions.

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Promote and Sell more books!

No more feeling "too pushy" to present your promotional slides.
No more feeling bad to have to remove your books from the slides.

1/ In PowerPoint, create one or several personal profiles containing links to your personal website, or to your online bookstore.

2/ All attendees will see your profile when entering the session, and can access it anytime.


3/ Clicking on the book link will lead them to the bookstore and purchase instantly.

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Empower the Audience to... nurture you!

No more poor quality Q&A!

No more microphone chase!

No more attendee shame to ask questions!

1/ Get all attendees questions inserted inside a slide of your presentation, while you speak.

2/ Enable attendees to up-vote questions, sorting automatically the most relevant to the group.

3/ Enable attendees to discuss topics by responding to each other's question and comment

4/ Activate Moderation and question filtering if needed.

5/ A colleague or a master of ceremony can monitor the question from his mobile device and ask the relevant questions.

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Inspire the audience to tweet your vision!


No more poor quality slide photos on social media.

No more lack of control over social media marketing impact.

1/ Now that screen copies of your slides are shared to the attendees devices, they can share them individually on social media in a couple of clicks.

2/ Your most powerful slides become a marketing tool... of yourself!

3/ In PowerPoint, you can add #tags for each slides individually, to drive the marketing impact of the slide sharing on social media.

4/ Your presentation becomes a thought leadership marketing wave!

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Quantify audience's engagement level


No more costly, slow and annoying paper evaluation forms.

No more guestimation of Audience's attendance level.

1/ The DialogLoop account owner can access a detailed Audience attendance report in the webapp

2/ Know who voted what. Which slide was most liked. Get all questions and discussions in editable format. See which question needs a follow-up.Get attendees email addresses (upon Attendee's GDPR consent). What slide received the most likes...

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Sharing is easy!

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