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What's New?

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Which version do I use?

✓ Latest Add-in Version:

✓ Version number available in the PowerPoint Add-in > DialogLoop Ribbon > How to DialogLoop icon > About DialogLoop™...

✓ When released, a "New Version Available" icon appears at the right of the DialogLoop Ribbon.

Add-in Updates require to be downloaded and installed.

✓ However, server-related updates are automatically done.

April 2021 Updates

Bug Fix:

  • Reset of the Anonymous Login

✓ Server Performance improvements

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March 2021 Updates

✓ Release Add-In version


✓ New Features:

  • Improvement to Star Rating

  • New Reporting Feature, and Export to Excel

  • Support for Likert Scale

  • Improved support for Anonymous Users as attendees


Bug Fix:

  • Survey Stopping when Start On Slide Enter and going backward

  • Reconnect Status UI automatically disappears when completed

  • New User Setup was moving too quickly through Account Summary.

  • 'Contact Support' now launches email program

July 2020 Updates

✓ Release Add-In version


✓ New Features:

  • Dynamic User Interface: icons appear/disappear when you need them.

  • 'How to DialogLoop' content.

  • Auto Poll: Auto-recognition of text to create a poll.

  • Quick Poll: Quick access to the single poll creation window.

✓ New Polling Features:

  • New user interface: more space for questions and cosmetic changes.

  • Rich question formatting: font type, text size, bold, italic...

  • Add photos, links, videos to the question.

  • Add a prefix (A/a/1) to answers automatically.

  • Define a maximum number of answers for Multi-choice questions.

  • Tiles view for answers (appearing on the web app).

✓ New Web App Networking Features:

  • 'Green Dot' presence notification.

  • New Extended Profile form.


✓ New Live Q&A and Discussions Features:

  • New icons in the ribbon: Moderator, Question list and Delete Questions.

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Earlier Updates

Feb 2020 - v.

  • IMPORTANT BUG FIX - Real-time survey results were broken.

  • IMPORTANT Bug fixes for Live Surveys - Real-time results were broken

  • Real-time survey results were not populating on the Slide.

Jan 2020 - v.

  • (Iteration #2) Important change to the expiry of the Add-in. Minor bug fixes.

  • Minor usability adjustments to the Addin Toolbar.

  • Support for Servers and Data Storage in Canada

  • Bug fixes for Live Surveys

  • Minor improvements and bug fixes to DialogLoop Survey Technology.


Nov 2019 - v.

  • *NEW* One-Time single presentation event

  • *NEW* Question types for your Surveys and Polls

  • Support for Single Answer, Multiple Answers, Word Cloud, Rating, Yes/No, Rank/Sort, Free Form, Custom Form

  • Improvements to the New user setup, My account management, Localized languages

✓ Oct 2019 - v.

  • Reorganizes the columns available for the Export Survey Data feature.


Sept 2019 - v.

  • Usability and stability improvements

    • Session Setup - all changes are applied by clicking the 'Apply and Close' button

    • Session Reports are now available in the Manage Events user interface

    • Presenter profile image upload management.

    • Logged-in users can now update their profile information including linking to Social Media Networks within the 'My Account' user interface.

    • Multiple Bug Fixes to improve the stability of the Add-in, including DRM settings not applied when updated before start sharing of presentation

    • Localized strings were updated (all supported languages)

July 2019 - v.

  • Potential bug fix for changes in latest Office Updates where UI does not appear sometimes.

  • Pricing changes.

  • Other Bug fixes

May 2019 - v.

  • Support for setting access codes for events.

  • Improvement to Reconnection options.

  • EU languages/Localization update.

  • Bug fixes

March 2019 - v.

  • Support for High-Resolution Screens.

  • Minor productivity enhancements.

  • Multiple Bug fixes

Jan 2019 - v.

  • Word Cloud for Survey Open Text question

  • Moderation integration

  • Export survey data to Excel

Oct 2018 - v.

  • Minor bug fixes.

28 Sept 2018 - v.

  • Minor bug fixes.

01 Sept 2018 - v.

  • New User Setup/Onboarding changes.

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