idea #1

Polls... on steroïds!

✓ DialogLoop Surveys contains all Poll features in a multi-question format.

✓ Build advanced surveys with a multi-ending.
✓ Manage your surveys.

idea #2

Evaluate your event without paper.

✓ Save cost. Save Trees. Save Time. Save yourself!

✓ Easy to do last-minute changes.

idea #3

Gather Insights before the Event.

✓ Run a pre-survey to dig-out their expectation.

✓ Analyze the results and adjust the event content.

✓ Make a story about how insightful the pre-survey results were, and share the results the day of the event!

idea #4

Manage your Surveys.

✓ Save time: Import, Export, Archive your surveys.
✓ Get a Preview before importing/editing.

idea #5

Create multi-path surveys.

✓ Use Skip Logic to change the course of the survey depending on the individual's response.

Define a different outcome depending on each individual's journey throughout the survey.