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idea #1

Share the supporting Files they need, while you present!

✓ Each Slide can contain multiple supporting documents.

✓ They appear on the attendee's device as soon as each slide is shared.

Files can be downloaded, opened, edited, and saved, except if you have set it otherwise.

✓ If an attendee connects to the session from multiple devices with the same account, files are available all devices.

idea #2

"File-to-Attendees" in a click!

✓ During your LIVE presentation, add a file to a specific slide, and it will lands instantly in the attendees' device.


idea #3

URLs in PowerPoint Slides are finally clickable!

✓ Add actionable links to each slide, or group them all on the Appendix slides: you choose!

✓ Email addresses included in PowerPoint also become clickable: they generate an email in your favorite email software.

idea #4

Let us auto-search for your Links for you.


✓ DialogLoop scans your PPT, finds URL and email addresses, and converts them into actionable links ready to be shared.

✓ The Links appear on participants' devices at the presenter's pace, slide by slide.

✓ Attendees can click and open them instantly.


idea #5

Share Speaker Notes

✓ Empower your audience with your best knowledge by inserting Notes in your PPT. 

✓ Slide by slide your notes will appear in the attendees' device.

✓ You can choose to share the real Speaker Notes or different Notes you may add.

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