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Q&A /Public Chat

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idea #1
Let us run a Private Social Media for Your Event in One Click!


✓ Create a sharing spirit and a feeling of collaboration.

✓ Enable Attendees to reply to each other's comments and questions.

✓ Get a colleague to reply to the simpler questions by writing when you talk and keep the bigger ones for a verbal exchange.

✓ You could also predefine key topics (input as questions), and ask attendees to debate it using the 'Reply' feature.

idea #2
Get Live Audience Questions on the Main Screen


✓ Extend the Q&A session to the full length of your presentation.

✓ Increase Participation Rate: Attendees connect to the session with their mobile phone, using a web address (No download required)

Participants see all the questions and can upvote them.


idea #3
Anonymous by Nature, Networking by Choice.


✓ Attendees choose to be Anonymous or Log in as themselves.
✓ Anonymous questions cannot be tracked back.
✓ However, questions can be moderated (See below).
✓ An Anonymous attendee can change his mind, and input his name.

✓ With a real name, an attendee can do Private Chat, can Network with others, and be visible to the community.

idea #4
Ensure all questions are appropriate


✓ Define one or several moderators in PowerPoint.

✓ They filter questions as they come in, using the DialogLoop™ WebApp on their mobile device.

✓ They can Approve / Block / 'Star' questions.

✓ Only the approved questions will appear on the main screen and the attendees' device.


idea #5

Restrict access to authorized attendees


✓ Define a PassCode for your session.

idea #6

Ease access to your session with a meaningful URL

✓ In trial mode, each Presenter is given a free URL

If you buy an event, you can define the URL name, starting with ""

✓ A QR Code is automatically generated to ease access to your session.


idea #7

Elect the questions that count

✓ Enable attendees to upvote questions to focus your time on answering the questions they like.

idea #8

Make the Q&A session last... a month!

✓ Before the Event, welcome guests to the session using your dedicated URL, and ask them to post their expectations and preliminary questions.

✓ During the event, answer these questions, gather new ones, and stimulate discussions.

✓ After the event,  organize a follow-up conference call to answer pending questions and dig out new topics for the next event.


idea #9

Run Simultaneous Q&A Sessions

✓ DialogLoop Conference Edition can run multiple sessions in parallel, and therefore several Q&A sessions simultaneously.

✓All sessions can be run from one or several computers, with one or several presenters.

✓Every session has a dedicated  URL, pointing all to the same common Event Space you buy for the duration of your event.

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