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idea #1

Let us do the Poll for You!

✓ DialogLoop converts your slide's text into a Poll.

✓ All you need to do is customize it and share it!

idea #2

"Break the ice" with a Word Cloud.

✓ See the audience's impressions gather and animate on the main screen.

✓ The gathered words create a beautiful image within a slide of your presentation.

✓ Set a limit of words/characters per attendee.

idea #3

Discover what your audience thinks.

✓ Simple or multiple answer polls are easy ways to gather your audience's opinion.

Questions asked before the event gather insights that help to build the presentation.

After the event, ask the audience to evaluate the event.

idea #4

Format questions your way.

✓ Use standard formatting tools to customize your questions.

✓ Get the look and feel you want.

*Requires PowerPoint 2016 or a later version.


idea #5

Enrich your questions with Media content.

✓ Create a poll about a logo, a photo, a painting...

✓ Gather opinions about your latest YouTube story.

✓ Use a link to an online file as the base for your poll.

*Requires PowerPoint 2016 or a later version.

idea #6

Use images as answers.


✓ Illustrate words to stimulate polling participation.

✓ Make people choose images instead of words.

✓ Display answers with images as tiles or as a list.


idea #7

Evaluate them with a Quiz!

✓ Allow single or multiple answers.
✓ Define single or multiple correct answers.

✓ Randomize the answers to limit cheating.

idea #8

Gather ideas in free input mode.

✓ Use an Open-Ended question to get qualitative feedback.

✓ Feedback appears as a table report in a PowerPoint slide and your report file.

✓ Stimulate the audience to give qualitative feedback.

PP07_session_evaluation-Full Star.png
PP07_session_evaluation-Full Star.png
PP07_session_evaluation-Full Star.png
PP07_session_evaluation-Full Star.png
PP07_session_evaluation-Full Star.png

idea #9

Make them rate ideas.

✓ Starring is a quick and easy way to get an evaluation of your ideas,

idea #10

Make them rank stuff.

✓ Your audience feels valued if you empower them to contribute.



idea #11

Create a form to gather audience data.

✓ Create an input form in a click and include it in your presentation.

✓ Use this form as a registration tool.

✓ Get the data as a table to use in Excel...

idea #12

Brand your Poll.

✓ Customize the poll window on the attendee's device.
✓ Add your logo, or your sponsor's.

✓ Use your brand colors, your font...


idea #13

Customize the Live Chart.

✓ Use the PowerPoint Design tools to make the chart as you want it.

Pies, Barres, Dots, Plots, Donut, 3D Pie... you name it!

Colors, Fonts, Axis, Legend... limitless possibilities!

Example of Microsoft PowerPoint Charts you can use.

idea #14

Analyze the results.

✓ Get all the poll results as a text for further analysis.

✓ Know who voted what and contact them for further discussion.

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