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idea #1

Make your Event Social Again!


✓ Enable attendees to achieve one of their Event objectives: meet the right people.

✓ Attendees promote themselves to engage in social interaction and meeting opportunities.

idea #2

Enable Attendees to build a Digital Profile.


✓ Attending sharing a biography and their Event objectives have more chance to achieve them.

✓ Adding Social Media links to the profile stimulates interaction and increases the chances to maintain the link after the event.

Attendee Profile Bilder Anim.gif
Networking-Green Dot anim.gif

idea #3

Unveil who is in the Room.

✓ If you decide that attendees are not anonymous to the session, they can see the profile of other attendees.

✓ A green dot notifier shows who is connected and available for video calls.

idea #4

Know your Audience before the Event.


✓ Share a Registration link leading to the Agenda, post a short 'expectations' survey, and get attendees to see who is attending.

✓ Screen their Profile and learn to know them.

✓ Contact some attendees before the event.

✓ Motivate them to chat and meet others virtually.

Contact me on Video+Chat-Indian Girl.tif

idea #5

Let Attendees contact You.

✓ Use DialogLoop as a free and safe private communication platform.

✓ Make yourself reachable for Private Chat and maybe Video Chat.

✓ Set a fixed time when you accept calls, you will gain in reputation and will learn a lot about your attendees.

idea #6

Get attendees to Chat Privately in One-Click.

✓ All attendees can contact each other with Private Chat, before, during, after the event, as long as the session is LIVE or online.

✓ All chats are sent by email too, in case one is not online.

✓ Each party's email address is NOT shared and remains private. It's up to the attendees to share it.


idea #7

Use Private Video Chat as a Networking Activity.

✓ No special setup required: it works on any device.

✓ Video Chat is built to be 100% private: the video stream doesn't go through any server, it goes from device to device, browser to browser.

idea #8

Maintain the link after the event.

✓ As long as the session is LIVE or kept online, attendees can interact.

✓ Private Chat and Video Chat remain available.

✓ If one tries to chat with another, an email will be sent to the provided address, without sharing it.

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