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Live Slides

idea #1

From PPT-to-attendees in a blink!


✓ Stream your presentation using PowerPoint.

✓ Attendees see images of your slides on their devices.

✓ Reveal slides at your pace: attendees do not see the slide you have not streamed.

✓ Attendees can go swipe back to previous slides.

idea #2

Update slides 'on-the-fly'!

✓ The person streaming the slides from the computer can amend a slide and "Refresh it" to share the update with all attendees... Live!
✓ Unshared slides can also be amended at the last minute, even while presenting.


idea #3

Giving a PDF of your slides = building your reputation.

✓ Allow attendees to download a PDF of your slides.

✓ Attendees will be grateful and will stop taking photos while you present.

✓ The actual PowerPoint File remains yours, except if you chose to share it as a resource.

idea #4

Protect your PDF slides before they download it.

✓ Add a Copyright or a Watermark on the PDF file.

✓ Make your slides black & white.


idea #5

Discover the Slides they like.

✓ Attendees can like Slides.

✓ The Analytics Report summarizes the ranking.

idea #6

Use your slides to build your Reputation on Social Media.

✓ Allow attendees to share a slide on Social Media.

✓ Attendees need to link their preferred Social Media account to the DialogLoop Account.

✓ Attendees can add #tags to the post.


idea #7

Get a 100x Marketing Impact on Social Media.

✓ Enable Slide-Sharing on Social Media.

✓ Customize your PPT with #tags for the whole presentation.

✓ Add dedicated #tag for each slide that counts!

✓ These #tags will automatically populate the Post but can be amended by each attendee who posts.

idea #8

Enable Attendees to take Notes on each Slide.

✓ Attendees' notes are integrated next to each Slide when they download the PDF.

✓ Notes can be downloaded independently from the slides.

Notes are 100% private: they are not saved online but stored automatically on the attendee's device.

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