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DialogLoop Influence
The Missing Link for your Live Video Streaming Events

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Feeling Together Again!

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Deliver more value to your Patreons

✓ Make them participate and give their opinion.

✓ Make them share emotions.

✓ Make them add value.

✓ Make them feel part of your community.

✓ Retain them longer.

Example of Webinar by Klint Cardigan and Ralph A. Uhlig

Add Audience Interaction to Live Streaming Events


✓ Turn passive attendees into active participants.

✓ Reduce the "Un-readable Waterfall Chat" effect.

Increase the attention level.




Make "Voting-Songs Battles" a live jukebox!

✓ Create Live Polls with dynamic chart visualization overlays in your video stream.
✓ Jukebox, song choice, preferred product… you name it.
✓ Create multiple polls and launch them when needed.

Polls on steroïds!

✓ Embed images, videos, web links, and style the Questions
✓ Make answers with images or basic text
✓ Randomize the answers to make a cheat-free quiz!


Whaaat? A Word Cloud activity during a Live Video Stream???

✓ Participants' words build the Word Cloud dynamically.
✓ The word Cloud is an image visualized through a dedicated link, inserted as a Browser overlay in your Broadcast Software.

✓ Powered by a Profanity Filter available in 12 languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Spanish, Portuguese.

Welcome Attendees with an Event page.


✓ Create a dedicated Webpage for your event with DialogLoop Influence.
✓ Attendees join using a dedicated link and participate in activities.
✓ Tune the page your way: Set a Password, Customize login options and Turn features ON/OFF.

Event Welcome Page.png

Reduce the "Chat Waterfall Effect", and actually get questions!

✓ Public Chat, Questions, and Emoji are independent interaction channels.
✓ Participants' Questions and Public Chat become more focused on the content, and they can still add Emoji if they want to.
✓ Participants enjoy feeding the video stream with Emoji, independently from the Chat window.

ONE Chat Window for all you Streaming Channels!

✓ Get all attendees under ONE interaction window to chat together.
✓ No need to choose between Facebook, Youtube, twitch or others.




Visualize Emotional Feedback from Your Live Audience.

✓ DialogLoop™ Influence includes DialogLoop™ Emojize.
✓ Participants input their emoji on the Emotion Board in the web app, and they appear directly in the live stream, where you want it.
✓ Choose among several Emoji Fountain shapes.
✓ The Emoji Fountain is output as a Link to be added to your Broadcasting software.
✓ Options to send text and images are also available.

Customize each Session


✓ All features come as standard.
✓ You switch ON/OFF what you need, before, during, or even after the session, if you keep it online.
✓ When OFF, all related data are kept on your Management page but are not visible to attendees.


🎼 All you need is… Links❣️

✓ The DialogLoop™ Influence "Links" tab provides links to feed your third-party Broadcast Software overlays.
✓ One link per core activity, and one link per Poll.
✓ Each Link will display the output from Live Polls, Public Chat, Questions and the Emoji fountain!


Anonymous by Nature, Flexible by Necessity.


✓ The Presenter can offer the choice to the Attendees to be Anonymous or Log in as themselves.
✓ Anonymous questions cannot be tracked back.
✓ An Anonymous attendee can change his mind, and log in anytime.


All interaction data are private.


✓ Share a DialogLoop URL with your audience and interact with them.
✓ You manage the Links and data streams as you wish.
✓ You are in full control to show the content or not.
✓ DialogLoop does not share, pass-on or monetize data nor attendee activity for any kind of marketing, advertising, or revenue stream.

Test-It-All with your "Free for 10" account.


✓ Start with "Free for 10" and upgrade in the app.

Easy, Easy, Easy!

1. Open a Free Account

Online Poll-Monument Quiz.png

4. Create Polls


7. Share the Session URL


2. Turn On Features

Event Welcome Page.png

3. Create an Event Welcome Page (Optional)


5. Set a Passcode (Optional)

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and more...

6. Add links to your Broadcast Software


8. Interact


9. Rock the House!


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