- Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or newer running on Microsoft Windows operating system.
- Processing live content requires some basic connectivity. DialogLoop standard configuration limits data transfers to a minimum.
- Information is stored in DialogLoop™ servers running on Amazon AWS. Our technical department is constantly upgrading and updating our servers to ensure maximum performance, scalability, and security.
- DialogLoop™ does not require a downloaded app. The iOS and Android apps (work-in-progress) provide the exact same functionality as connecting to our web-app through any modern browser
It is recommended to use a Wifi infrastructure on the event site, to get the best user experience.
However, DialogLoop is working fine with the GSM infrastructure.
The bandwidth  requirement have been reduced and optimized the most, to enable smooth operation during an event covered with 3G/4G network.

Yes, you can. The important element will be the Social Network Login you have registered DialogLoop™ with.
Yes, you can. DialogLoop's Server architecture is built on AWS (Amazon), and is using several servers in the world.
The number of slide shared is unlimited.
The file size is limited to 2MB per file.
The number of resource shared is unlimited.