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Access your event


Type the URL provided to you by the presenter/event organizer into the browser on your mobile device or scan the QR Code/Flash code with the QR Code Reader App of your choice (downloadable on the Apple or Android App store).


Log into your session

Enter your Social Network credentials for easy login. Note: the password and account name are not visible to DialogLoop™. Only the basic information shared by the social network are kept by DialogLoop to enable Networking features.


View Slides on your mobile device, live!


  1. The PowerPoint slides appear one by one, as a progressive reveal, on your mobile device.

  2. Clicking on the House icon enables you to see the list of streamed event sessions, choose which one to connect to, see the slides, engage and network.


Annotate each slide, Live!


  1. Take notes on each individual slide as it is revealed.

  2. Your notes are automatically saved as you type.

  3. You can always go back to your notes from a former slide.

  4. Your notes are private and not visible nor shared to anyone else.

  5. You can download a PDF file containing your notes next to each slide.


Share slides on Social Networks.


  1. You like that slide? Share it on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, in one click!

  2. The slide will be displayed as an image, for your network to see.


Make your voice heard.


  1. Answer Polls, Surveys and Quizzes live, before, during and after the presentation.

  2. View the Poll, Survey and Quiz results on your device once they are closed.

  3. Download the Poll, Survey and Quiz results.


Engage in the event like never before!


  1. Send questions from your connected device before, during and after the presentation.

  2. View the questions of others.

  3. 'Like the questions of others'

  4. Reply to one's question individually, starting a public discussion

'Like' it, and make it known.


  1. 'Like' slides to express your opinion to the Presenter.

  2. 'Like' questions from other attendees, to get them ranked among the most 'liked', and to get them answered during the Q&A session.


Browse attendee profiles


  1. See attendee names and profile pictures for each session (except attendees in anonymous mode).

  2. Customize and publish your own profile, including your  social media accounts, to share slides with your network.


Connect with Attendees of interest

  1. Instantly connect with attendees in the same event session. You can connect before, during or after the event as long as the session is left online by the Presenter.

  2. Use direct messaging to share ideas and opinions and even arrange a face to face meeting.


Purchase the Presenter’s books/creations


Visit the Presenter’s Profile on DialogLoop™, and access his/her books/creations in one click.


Download all shared content


  1. All shared resources are downloadable from any device:
    -before the event, if the presenter shares content upfront;
    -during the event, as the slides are revealed; 
    -after the event, so long as the content remains online.

  2. Presentation slides and your notes are encapsulated in a downloadable file.

  3. If the presenter allows it, the PowerPoint file can be downloaded too.

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