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The Audience Engagement Solution running without Internet.

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Your Data.

Your Server.

Your Network.

You are in Control.

✓ Install in a few minutes.

✓ Low to no maintenance required.

✓ No data exit your network.

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Run DialogLoop Engagement Apps... in a SandBox.


✓ Install DialogLoop™ Server on a computer or a server, and run DialogLoop Powershare/Engage/Influence/Emojize locally, on your Company Network, without requiring access to the Internet.

✓ DialogLoop™ Server also works:

- in a Hybrid Meeting Setup: Remote participants using a VPN, plus in-room participants.

- in Open Access/Public Setup: Local Participants on a Private Network + participants accessing through the web (no VPN)


The highest level of protection for your  data.


✓ All shared Data remain on your Internal Server: DialogLoop doesn't see nor have access to them.

✓ As data are fully private, presenters and participants feel safer and more open to interact and exchange.

✓ Company-wide deployment is fast, safe, and data security is guaranteed.

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Easy to implement

Download and Install Docker (Free)

✓ Download and Install DialogLoop™ Server (Free)

✓ Select a DialogLoop™ Engagement Solution

✓ Use it for Free for up 10 attendees

✓ For more attendees, subscribe to DialogLoop™ Server and to your preferred DialogLoop™ Engagement Solution.

✓ The number of simultaneous attendees will depend on the Server's performance.

✓ Attendees connect from any device located on the same network.

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Technical Specs

✓ DialogLoop Server works on Mac-Intel, Mac-M1, Windows PC and Linux 64-Bit operating systems.

Works over Wifi, LAN, Mobile Network (EDGE/GPRS/3G/4G/5G) with VPN.

✓ Requires Admin rights on the Computer/Server

✓ Requires the Installation of Docker (free).

Multiple DialogLoop Server Instances can be run simultaneously on a Network. Each will have a dedicated Address, and will run independantly.

✓ Number of Attendees depends on the Server's CPU performance and the network capabilities.

✓ The local DialogLoop™ Server Software will ping the main server of DialogLoop™ reguarly to verify the DialogLoop account validity and check for software updates. No company data is exchanged during that process.

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Profanity Free!*

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