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Deliver more value to your Patreons

✓ Make them participate and give their opinion.

✓ Make them share emotions.

✓ Make them add value.

✓ Make them feel part of your community.

✓ Retain them longer.

Example of Webinar by Klint Cardigan and Ralph A. Uhlig

Add Audience Interaction to Live Streaming Events


✓ Turn passive attendees into active participants.

✓ Reduce the "Un-readable Waterfall Chat" effect.

Increase the attention level.




Organize "Songs Battles" with the Audience's votes!


✓ Create Live Polls with dynamic chart visualization overlays in your video stream.
✓ Jukebox, song choice, preferred product… you name it.
✓ Create multiple polls and launch them when needed.

Polls on steroïds!

✓ Embed images, videos, web links, and style the Questions
✓ Make answers with images or basic text
✓ Randomize the answers to make a cheat-free quiz!


Whaaat? A Word Cloud activity during a Live Video Stream???

✓ Participants' words build the Word Cloud dynamically.
✓ The word Cloud is an image visualized through a dedicated link, inserted as a Browser overlay in your Broadcast Software.

✓ Powered by a Profanity Filter available in 12 languages: Brazilian Portuguese, Catalan, Chinese, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Malay, Spanish, Portuguese.

Welcome Attendees with an Event page.


✓ Create a dedicated Webpage for your event with DialogLoop Influence.
✓ Attendees join using a dedicated link and participate in activities.
✓ Tune the page your way: Set a Password, Customize login options and Turn features ON/OFF.


Customize each Session


✓ All features come as standard.
✓ You switch ON/OFF what you need, before, during, or even after the session, if you keep it online.
✓ When OFF, all related data are kept on your Management page but are not visible to attendees.

Features Switch-Engage-Jan2024.png
All you need is Links copie.png

🎼 All you need is… Links❣️

✓ The DialogLoop™ Engage "Links" tab provides links to feed your third-party Broadcast Software overlays.
✓ One link per core activity, and one link per Poll.
✓ Each Link will display the output from Live Polls.


Anonymous by Nature, Flexible by Necessity.


✓ The Presenter can offer the choice to the Attendees to be Anonymous or Log in as themselves.
✓ Anonymous questions cannot be tracked back.
✓ An Anonymous attendee can change his mind, and log in anytime.


All interaction data are private.


✓ Share a DialogLoop URL with your audience and interact with them.
✓ You manage the Links and data streams as you wish.
✓ You are in full control to show the content or not.
✓ DialogLoop does not share, pass on or monetize data nor attendee activity for any kind of marketing, advertising, or revenue stream.

All your data, and all attendee data (questions, responses) are encrypted.

Test-It-All with your "Free for 10" account.


✓ Start with "Free for 10" and upgrade in the app.

Easy, Easy, Easy!

1. Open a Free Account

Online Poll-Monument Quiz.png

4. Create Polls


7. Share the Session URL

Features Switch-Engage-Jan2024.png

2. Turn On Features


5. Set a Passcode (Optional)


8. Interact


3. Create an Event Welcome Page (Optional)

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and more...

6. Add links to your Broadcast Software


9. Rock the House!

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