Audience Engagement and Networking

Audience Engagement

Seamless Content Sharing from PowerPoint

✓ Share slides LIVE and dynamically to an attendee’s device, at the presenter’s pace, in multiple rooms independently and simultaneously.

✓ Share supporting files, links/URL, Speaker Notes, dedicated #tags for social Media (LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter) on individual slides.

✓ Enable attendees to download individual shared presentations and their own notes from the DialogLoop™ webapp.

✓ Publish a “last-minute” PowerPoint presentation in a couple of seconds.

✓ Update PowerPoint content and add supporting files while live Sharing.

✓ Use all DialogLoop™ features Before, During and After the event.

✓ Maintain all content and interactions after the event for viewing and updates.

Advanced Poll/Survey Engine

✓ Conduct Live Polls, Quizzes and Surveys built in PowerPoint.

✓ Customize polls with advanced Skip Logic features, image based answers, and your own branding.

✓ Design your PowerPoint Chart to display Poll results.

✓ Display dynamic live survey responses and save the results within the active PowerPoint file.

Word Cloud Polling

✓ Gather opinions, ideas and feedback using a fun and colorful visual, within a PowerPoint Slide.

A Private Social Network for your event

✓ See who is in the room with live profile updates.

✓ View Social Media Profiles, including the Presenter’s custom made Profile Card.

✓ Socialize and network through a cross-platform Private Chat (bridging LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter).

✓ Receive Private Chat email notifications even after exiting DialogLoop™.

Live digital Q&A and Discussions

✓ Enable full session written Q&A with upvotes.

✓ Receive live Questions within the active PowerPoint file.

✓ Gather attendee comments and questions.

✓ Conduct Social Media style public discussions.

Lead Generation

✓ Display Presenter and Company profiles for each session, with actionable links to promote books, creations and other activities.

Engagement Level Report

✓ Generate detailed Engagement Level analytics reports for each session

Automation for faster preparation

✓ Scan your PPT to aggregate all embedded URLs and convert them it clickable links when sharing the slides.

✓ Convert Phone numbers, emails and Website addresses automatically to build the Presenters' Profiles.

Integrated Workflow Note Taking

✓ Enable attendees to take notes on each slide while presented.

✓ Enable attendees to download a PDF file with the notes next to each slide.

Social Media Integration

✓ Connect to the session through your Social Media login or create an account.

✓ Enable attendees to share individual slides on Social Media 

✓ Define upfront the event's or Session's #tags.

✓ Set for each slide a specific set of #tags, to generate more focus traction on social media, when attendees share a Slide.